Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekly Workouts 12/26-12/30

Happy New Years Eve! Stay safe and have lots of fun getting ready for 2013 - my resolutions are coming! ;)

Wednesday 12/26: I got Zumba DVDs for Christmas so I did one for 45 minutes! Good workout. :)

Thursday 12/27: I did the Zumba toning DVD using the toning sticks for 30 minutes.

Friday 12/28: Zumba for 40 minutes and did a few yoga poses to stretch!

Saturday 12/29: I went to the mall and shopped with a friend for about 4 hours. Lots of walking, unfortunately I forgot my pedometer to track it!

Sunday 12/30: I ran on the treadmill for a mile and did some ab/arm exercises! Check out my Fitocracy page for my full workouts. Also did Zumba with my mom for 40 minutes that night.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weekly Workouts 12/17-12/25

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and a Merry Christmas! :) I apologize for the lack of posting... it is just a busy time!

This last week I decided I wasn't going to be too dedicated to working out with holidays and lots of plans and just give myself a break.
Monday 12/17: I had jury duty and ended up being on a jury all day and then had plans with a friend after so no working out... :-/

Tuesday 12/18: I had plans with a friend who I only see a few times a year and work and plans at night so again no exercise besides walking! Oh well...

Wednesday 12/19: I had some time to workout so I ran outside for about 1.3 miles and played some Just Dance 4.

Thursday 12/20: No workout today... giving myself a more relaxed week.

Friday 12/21: Played Just Dance 4 with my friend for about an hour and a half! I call that a good workout. :)

Saturday-Tuesday 12/22-25: I don't recall working out any of these days... very busy with baking, Christmas Eve and Christmas and visiting friends and family. I wanted to give myself a break.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

This Week's Workouts 12/10-12/16

Monday 12/10: Rest day. I caught the cold or whatever is going around so I know I needed to rest.

Tuesday 12/11: Still sick but I wanted to do some kind of workout to avoid getting stuck in a no workout slump. I did this Jillian Michael's workout game on the Wii but it sucks. It doesn't really understand your movements and then goes back to the start! So I went on the elliptical for a few minutes too.

Wednesday 12/12: I was feeling a lot better so I decided to go to the gym. I ran for about a mile on the track then did some arm and ab exercises. To see my full workouts or as close as I can track... go to my Fitocracy page!

Thursday 12/13: Walked around the mall for about 2 hours... I count that as a good workout! ;)

Friday 12/14: I got my boy to run with me for about 2 miles outside! We also did sit ups, crunches and a plank.

Saturday 12/15: Went to the gym and ran about 1.5 miles on the track and used the ab crunch machine and pull down machine for arms.

Sunday 12/16: Did 35 minutes of yoga and played some Wii Zumba for about 20 minutes with a friend! :)

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Nutrisystem Coupon Codes for you!

Everywhere you look, there's a new fad diet and way to lose weight and change your eating habits. I don't know about you, but I'm always wary of these diets and I know just good old fashioned healthy eating is the best. Some of us aren't the greatest cooks or don't have the time to have healthy meals on hand all the time. That's where Nutrisystem comes in. They have personalized plans for women, men, even diabetics.

Nutrisystem seems pretty great - you choose your menu and they deliver! It is full of healthy food and a website that helps you stay on track with your fitness goals and gives you encouragement. I've heard a lot of great things about people losing weight and eating healthier quickly and easily.

The only drawback to these customized food delivery systems is the cost. Most of us simply can't afford it. That's why I'm happy to bring you some coupons today!

Check out more information on Nutrisystem and get the coupon on

Please note that I was compensated for this post and understand that posts like these help to keep my blog running. Thanks for your understanding.

Monday, December 10, 2012

This Week's Workouts 12/3-12/9

Monday 12/3: I played Just Dance 4 for about an hour and did yoga for 35 minutes.

Tuesday 12/4: I worked out with my new kettlebell using the video it came with - lots of squats! I bought a 7 lb one. I also did some ab workouts and played Just Dance 4.

Wednesday 12/5: I ran outside for about 25 minutes. I estimate it was about a mile and a half. My running app and music were giving me lots of trouble so I got annoyed and just set it on music. I also did some arm/ab exercises.

Thursday 12/6: I tried a sample workout DVD I got in the mail - I did the power workout, part of the core boot camp and Bollywood dancing for about 25 minutes total. I also played Just Dance 3 for about 40 minutes and did some sit ups.

Friday 12/7: Day off. I had a long, long work day.

Saturday 12/8: Just played some Just Dance 4 for about a half an hour. Wasn't feel that well today but I know a little exercise is good for the immune system.

Sunday 12/9: Another day off for rest.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

This Week's Workouts 11/26-12/2

Monday 11/26: Day off. I was crazy busy and stressed and definitely could have used a workout but I did not feel up to it.

Tuesday 11/27: Ran on the treadmill for a mile, played Just Dance (discovered the Just Sweat part of Just Dance 4... great workout!), did some ab workouts.

Wednesday 11/28: Ran outside for 2.7 miles. Brr! Did some ab and arm workouts too.

Thursday 11/29: Played Just Dance 4 Just Sweat version for a little over a half an hour. Also did some sit ups to work on those abs!

Friday 11/30: Day off.

Saturday 12/1: Eek another day off. I did walk a decent amount while shopping! ;)

Sunday 12/2: Bought a 7 lb Kettlebell on Friday so I decided to try some exercises with it that I found on Pinterest. Hoping I didn't hurt my back! I also ran for about 20 minutes on the treadmill and did some ab exercises.

On a similar note, I think I have decided to quit my gym. I don't find myself going there a lot and the final straw was that I got a notice that rates are increasing. It is already a bit more than I can afford and my parents are buying a new treadmill soon also! I think I have everything I need at my house - weights, treadmill, bike, elliptical, workout videos/Wii games, etc. What do you think I should do?

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Check out Tophatter, a cool online auction website!

TopHatter is an online auction website that is free to sign up with. To test out the auctions, Sits Girls sent me $30 to use. There are several different categories of items you can bid on. I was looking at the jewelry category. At the start of the auction, they show you pictures of what you're bidding on, give a starting price and shipping price. Then you simply click a button to bid and keep going until you win or decide it is too expensive!

I ended up winning this pretty bracelet for $9 total and these gorgeous earrings for $23 total! Great deals I would say! Some of the items go for cheap and others, like a Coach purse went up pretty quickly! You can also chat with other bidders if you choose. It was pretty fun and definitely a time suck if you have extra money.

As a special gift to my fabulous readers, Tophatter is giving away a $10 credit when you sign up for Tophatter and spend $11 on an auction! Use this link to sign up and you will be able to redeem your $10 credit.

Have you discovered the addictive new auction site called Tophatter, where buyers bid for sellers’ unique goods in fast-paced virtual auction rooms? From crafts and DIY projects, to antiques, jewelry, home d├ęcor and much more, there’s no limit to what you can discover on Tophatter.

With live auctions every day, sellers get to showcase their wares from around the world to a community of thousands of buyers, and answer questions via chat as the clock ticks down. Each lot sells in an average of two minutes, so buyers must bid quickly!

Tophatter’s auctions become interactive live events where buyers and sellers can hang out, chat, and win. Led by the esteemed Sir Wendell Wattington and his animated family, Tophatter auctions keep the fun rolling in.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tophatter. The opinions and text are all mine.

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This Week's Workouts 11/19-11/25

Monday 11/19: Ran on the gym track for 2 miles and did some arm/ab exercises.

Tuesday 11/20: Walked dogs for the Humane Society for 2 hours. I figure it was around 4-5 miles.

Wednesday 11/21: Ran outside for 2.5 miles and did some arm/ab exercises.

Thursday 11/22: Turkey day! I went for a little over a mile walk with my family after my first Thanksgiving dinner then played some Just Dance 4 that night after my food digested a bit!

Friday 11/23: Went ice skating with my boy for about 35 minutes!

Saturday 11/24: Ran a mile on the treadmill then did a mile on the recumbent (stationary) bike. Also did some crunches and arm workouts. Played Just Dance 4 also.

Sunday 11/25: Played some Just Dance 4 but in general this was a day off.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sponsored Post: AZO Urinary Health

As the weather cools down, and the holiday season approaches, those who would normally be single find themselves desiring to be “cuffed” or involved in a relationship. Share your tips on “surviving” (i.e. resisting the social pressure to pair up) or “winning” (finding a special someone) during the holidays.

Having been in a long term relationship for a few years now, I think the key to "winning" or finding someone special is not obsessing about it. For years when I was young, I wanted a boyfriend so badly that I pretty much scared off any guy that actually started to like me. When I was just hanging out with a guy, eventually I kept bugging for that “relationship status” that I think it turned them off, big time. I just wanted it too badly and hoped for romance too much. Live and learn! When I started focusing on myself and my friendships, I was able to attract more guys and the right relationship gradually happened. 

The holidays can be frustrating if you're single even if you want to be. Holiday decorations, lights, mistletoe, presents... they all scream "couple". Don't let that get you down. Be happy for this time in your life, no matter what your relationship status says. If you really want a relationship, use the holidays to your advantage. Participate in traditional holiday activities in your community and attend events that will be crowded, such as a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Hit up coffee shops and look for people sitting alone or better yet, buy the cute guy behind you a coffee! Another great way to find a new guy or gal is to volunteer. There is so much need for volunteers this holiday season with just about any organization you can think of. What better way to help out your community while meeting new people?

Even if the whole super cute relationship thing doesn’t bloom over the holidays, don’t feel sad. You still have amazing friends and family to buy presents for and hang out with during this magical season! The time will come, I promise! Plus, aren’t summer romances much more fun? ;)

I have a giveaway for you today as well! Enter here for your chance to win some AZO to keep you healthy during the stressful holiday season.

Keep AZO handy during cuffing season! You wouldn’t want a UTI to ruin your new relationship, or get in the way of your fun single life, during the winter months.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Guest Post: Do it Your Way - Five Karaoke Classics

As Christmas looms, so does party season and for some people that means only one thing – obligatory karaoke. There’s nowhere to hide: family gatherings, office parties, even catching up with friends at the local can lead to wobbly renditions of beloved pop songs. We all have a signature karaoke track – a tried and tested song that never fails to bring the house down year after year. But how original is your pick of the bunch?

1. Waterloo by Abba

The Eurovision winner in 1974, Abba’s seminal Waterloo is the number one favourite karaoke pick for Brits. It’s a kitsch track with a bright and lively melody, perfect for warming up a tough crowd.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

A complex track best suited to karaoke veterans, Bohemian Rhapsody is a demanding belter. It’s the third best-selling single of all time in the UK, which makes it a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It has no chorus, some almost impossibly fast-paced sections and finishes with a wild instrumental rock finale.

3. My Way by Frank Sinatra

One for the crooners! My Way, most famously sung by Frank Sinatra, is one of the most covered songs of all time. There are dozens of different versions, including renditions by Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Robbie Williams and Elvis.

4. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Of course I Will Survive has to be in the top five. The quintessential karaoke track, everyone from Miss Piggy to the cast of Glee has given it a whirl. It’s a powerful, life-affirming anthem – but expect a few groans from karaoke regulars if you can’t hit the high notes.

5. Dancing Queen by Abba

The disco classic Dancing Queen grooves in at number five. It’s a great one for novice karaoke singers to perform as a duet. As well as enjoying a bit of moral support on stage, the simple chorus is fun to laugh along to together as you bring the 1970s back to life.

Of course, it can be a little bit intimidating to stand up and sing in front of a room full of strangers. Boost your confidence with’s range of shapewear to ensure you cut a striking silhouette throughout the party season.

Guest post by Catherine M.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Season of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is no surprise that gratitude posts are popping up all around Facebook, Twitter and the blog world. Today in honor of the season, I'm sharing the top things I'm grateful for this year.

I'm grateful for my work. I am so happy I can work from home and that I have some great clients that I can help. I am also grateful for continuing opportunities for new work.

I'm grateful for my boyfriend. We've some ups and downs this year and he's stuck with me through everything, proving he will always be there for me no matter what.

I'm grateful for my parents. They let me live at home right now to save money and are always there for me.

I'm grateful for my friends. I have some wonderful friends that always give good advice, make me laugh and make me feel like I have a second family.

I'm grateful for my new found dedication to more healthy eating and exercise.

What are you grateful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

This Week's Workouts 11/12-11/18

Monday 11/12: I ran 2 miles at the track at my gym. I also did some squats, crunches, bicycles (abs), sit ups, oblique crunches and stretched.

Tuesday 11/13: Day off. Haven't been feeling well this week so I decided to take a rest.

Wednesday 11/14: Still having some sinus problems but, I really wanted to do some kind of exercise. I made up my own workout sequence that included 2 sets: 20 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 front lunges, 50 crunches, 50 reverse crunches, 20 punches, 20 bicep curls with a small weight, 60 second plank, 10 sit-ups, 20 russian twists, 10 high knees, boat pose and bridge pose. I also played Just Dance 4 for a half an hour.

Thursday 11/15: I ran outside for 2 miles and did some crunches and a plank.

Friday 11/16: Did about 40 minutes of yoga at home.

Saturday 11/17: I started to do a full body workout from an iPhone app so I did some ab and arm exercises then got bored and played Zumba for Wii/Just Dance 4 for about an hour.

Sunday 11/18: Went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 2 miles. I did the leg press, ab crunch machine and pull down machine too. Got a good sweat going on. :)

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The No Junk Food Challenge: Week and a Half Down

In case you missed it, I started doing a "No Junk Food Challenge" on November 4th. It has been really difficult! I have to really watch what I am eating because pretty much after every meal I crave some type of dessert. I realized that even though I was going to let myself have Starbucks and frozen yogurt, I tried to avoid it because I knew it was a big temptation as well. If I go to Starbucks, I am only ordering drinks like smoothies, green tea, etc. because of the insane amount of sugar in their chocolatey beverages.

I've been eating a lot of peanut butter which I am allowing myself. I find that it helps my sweet tooth to eat some peanut butter on an apple or bread.

I did have Sonic the other day because my boyfriend really wanted to go there so I did cheat on junk food. But my biggest cravings are always chocolate, cookies, candy and other sweets and I have stayed away from them!

How are you doing with the challenge? Here's a reminder of what it is all about....

Monday, November 12, 2012

This Week's Workouts 11/5-11/11

Monday 11/5: I ran outside for about 2.3 miles and did some ab/arm workouts.

Tuesday 11/6: Did 22 minutes of Jillian Michael's 6 Week to Six Packs DVD. My DVD player screwed up before I could finish so I just finished off with some crunches and sit-ups.

Wednesday 11/7: Ran 2.3 miles outside again and did some ab workouts.

Thursday 11/8: Took a Zumba class at my gym for one hour. Fun!

Friday 11/9: Took a yoga class at my gym for one hour. Lots of good stretching.

Saturday 11/10: Went for a run outside for about 3.1 miles. I also did some crunches, reverse crunches, sit ups, plank and some exercises with small weights.

Sunday 11/11: Day off!

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week's Workouts - 10/29-11/4

Monday 10/29: I played Just Dance 4 and did a workout I found on Pinterest which consisted of sit ups, jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, squats, a wall sit, plank, and high knees.

Tuesday 10/30: I ran on the treadmill for a mile then did some crunches, sit ups, lunges (regular and reverse), plank, and high knees. I used some small weights for some of the exercises. My shoulders and chest got so sore after!

Wednesday 10/31: Happy Halloween! I ran 3 miles at the gym in my fastest time yet (about 26 minutes)! I also did some sit ups and crunches.

Thursday 11/1: Did a new yoga DVD with a friend for 40 minutes. It was a pretty easy workout so I did some crunches, sit ups, jumping jacks, bicep curls with a small weight and high knees at home.

Friday 11/2: Day off. I had to drive for a work event and was really tired.

Saturday 11/3: Ran 3 miles outside, did some crunches, sit ups, plank, and used some small weights for arm workout.

Sunday 11/4: Day off.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The No Junk Food Challenge

Anyone else have a enormous sweet tooth? I sure do! It has been especially active since Halloween when there are goodies and treats everywhere, not to mention I've been baking a ton for various occasions. So I decided I need to give myself a challenge!

I found this on Pinterest (of course) and though it was interesting and very challenging. The only adjustments I will make is using peanut butter. I don't eat it very often, but I don't think it is that unhealthy especially since I eat it with apples or whole wheat bread. Also, if I start today this challenge won't be over on Thanksgiving and I plan to let myself indulge on that day. Lastly, I will probably allow myself sugar free frozen yogurt or Starbucks as a treat if I don't go overboard. If I find myself getting both too much, I will stop for the rest of the challenge. 

November 4-November 26 (excluding Thanksgiving)

What will be the hardest? Definitely chocolate and cookies!

The easiest? I don't normally eat fast food, chips, white bread, pastries, donuts or ice cream.

Who is joining me?!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone stays safe from Hurricane Sandy and has a wonderful and fun Halloween! 

 Hehe ;)

Kev and I this year... I was a leopard and he was a zookeeper!

Spider cupcakes I made!

Spiderman pumpkin!

Share with me your pumpkins, costumes or treats! I want to see pictures. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

This Week's Workouts 10/22-10/28

Monday 10/22: Ran/walked 2.2 miles and did some ab workouts.

Tuesday 10/23: Walked dogs for the Humane Society for 2 hours or about 4 miles.

Wednesday 10/24: Ran/walked about 1.8 miles. I ran a pretty quick mile but walked the rest. It was an unseasonably really warm day so that made it kind of tough.

Thursday 10/25: Played Just Dance with a friend for about an hour.

Friday 10/26: Played Just Dance again and did some ab exercises.

Saturday 10/27: Ran/walked for about 2.4 miles and did some sit-ups and stretching.

Sunday 10/28: Day off.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Life's Musings

Life isn't just a series of events strung together. Your life is a blend of your thoughts, feelings, secrets, ideas, events all mixed in with other's secrets and emotions and events. Your life isn't just yours, it is to be shared.

Sometimes you need to let something go for a while to realize how much you need it.

Even when you feel like you aren't very brave, you can always be brave for someone who needs you to be.

Be someone that your friends can trust.

Do you agree with any of my life's musings?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster Reviews!

I got my 2nd Beauty Blogger VoxBox from Influenster today! Overall, I was very excited to get some freebies but not that excited about what was inside for the most part. Here are photos and my comments on each product! Some I will have to try and maybe it will change my opinion...

Everything in the box!

I've always been interested in fake eyelashes, but I can never put them on properly and never end up using the ones I buy! I guess I am glad I got some free ones to try and will have to test them out for Halloween. 

I really enjoy this spray! It smells great and is supposed to be moisturising.

I don't really have curly hair or curl my hair, so I will probably give this to my mom.

Another good one! I have this candle in the giant size and love the smell. 

I have some of these in the Pink Lemonade flavor. I will have to try the orange kind, especially with winter coming up. 

I was excited about this product because I love neutral eyeshadows, but it seemed like it was a bit broken from the transit and messy looking.

I actually bought some of these to try when they first came out and I don't like them too much. I have REALLY thick hair and it doesn't seem to stay in my hair.

What do you think? Have you used any of these products? Did you get a Beauty VoxBox?

Disclaimer: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week's Workouts 10/15-10/21

Monday 10/15: Ran/walked 2.5 miles and did some crunches.

Tuesday 10/16: I started my volunteering with the Michigan Humane Society so I walked dogs for a little over 2 hours. Then I went to the gym with a friend. I rode the stationary bike for 4 miles then did some ab workouts and stretches.

Wednesday 10/17: I was pretty sore from the last few days, so I did some light yoga for 20 minutes and did some crunches and sit-ups.

Thursday 10/18: Went to the gym with my friend. I ran for 3.1 miles on the track in 26 minutes! Yay! We also did some stretching and arm exercises with 3 lb weights.

Friday 10/19: Day off. I had a work event that was pretty much all day and a lot of driving.

Saturday 10/20: Another rest day.

Sunday 10/21: Did some yoga with a friend for about a half an hour. Also went on a walk for 30-45 minutes... wasn't keeping track. Beautiful day outside that day!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Changing Your Ways is HARD!

I don't know about you, but I grew up with the mantra, "If you eat your vegetables, you get dessert!" I often feel as if I deserve a dessert after every meal. It is a funny thing... thinking you deserve all of that sweet sugary sabotage after you eat a healthy (or even worse, unhealthy) meal. You know what you really deserve? Health!

I definitely have developed a sweet tooth over the years. Sugar is one of the most addicting substances on the planet. For most people, this is our crack. When we allow ourselves to eat tons of sugar, our bodies crave it. We just want that cupcake or cookie or heck, just give me plain sugar to guzzle!

Lately, I have been journeying into the world of wellness and learning a lot. I never really gave much thought into what I eat, especially since I am a fairly picky eater and tend to eat the same things over and over. I've been diving into books on what nutrition really means and why lots of foods that claim they are healthy are just advertising rouses.

I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. I eventually want to cut out most sugar, junk foods, processed foods, dairy and most meat. The hardest part is starting though. That involves trying new foods, actually cooking and planning out meals, dealing with all those sugar and junk food cravings, being mindful of what I am eating, shopping for better foods, avoiding all the junk I know I will be exposed to at home/with friends/at restaurants, explaining to others how I am eating healthier (don't we tend to mock change and think those people who eat right are "health nuts"?), etc. It won't be easy and I have definitely been procrastinating on figuring out a new healthy diet (I hate the word diet... I am skinny and don't want to a new healthy way of eating sounds better!).

It is especially hard when they're are so many opinions out there! Some "experts" say vegetarianism is the only way to go, some say sugar isn't the devil but only in moderation, some say soy is horrible and others say it is healthy, etc. With so much information, it is definitely hard to dive right in to any type of new healthy eating lifestyle!

What advice and inspiration do you have for me? Any books or recipes or websites I should check out? Much appreciated!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

This Week's Workouts 10/8-10/14

Monday 10/8: Day off.

Tuesday 10/9: Another day off. I was really busy the first two days of this week and not feeling 100% but I am not too happy I skipped 3 days in a row.

Wednesday 10/10: Ran/walked about 2 miles and did some ab exercises. I should have gone to the gym because it was freezing outside and made it hard for me to breathe! Glad I worked out today though.

Thursday 10/11: Ran/walked 2.5 miles outside and did some ab exercises and squats.

Friday 10/12: Ran 3.1 miles, barely walked! Yay!

Saturday 10/13: Bought Just Dance 4 - so much fun! I played it for a half an hour. Also went out that night and danced!

Sunday 10/14: Day off.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

What's New?

I've been relatively quite on the blog here lately. You've seen my workouts though! Is anyone inspired or motivated by my weekly workout postings? It is definitely helping me to be accountable for my health. I feel guilty when I skip out on workouts because I know I have to confess to all of you! I have been thinking of tracking my eating too because I know I still need to eat a lot healthier...

So what else is new with me? If anyone cares... ;)

My running has been going well. I've been wanting to run a 5K for a while now and I am finally feeling like I might be ready soon to run one. I am definitely going to keep training and then see what comes up. I am nervous to run one in the cold weather though, but I am not sure I want to wait until spring.

I'm taking an online class. Nothing to do with my work, but just for my own interests. You can tell lately I've been more interested in health, fitness and wellness so I decided to take an online Wellness Certification program. It has been going well, just something that I work on in my free time. I'm enjoying learning more about holistic wellness.

I am also about to start volunteering for the Michigan Humane Society. I've always loved animals, especially dogs and just felt like I should be giving back to my community. What better way to volunteer than with dogs? I'll be starting this week as a dog walker and hopefully it goes well!

My work has been going pretty well. Sure, there are days when I am stressed, when my clients are late with my checks and I feel like giving up. But I absolutely love working at home and have been working 30-40 hours a week! I am proud that I have been able to continue to freelance and increase my hours.

Things with the boy are great! Unfortunately we haven't been able to see each other as much lately because he has class and work, but we just figured out our Halloween costumes. Drum roll please... I am going to be a leopard and he is my zookeeper! :) I promise pictures to come!

So what is new with YOU? Tell me! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Monday 10/1: Day off. Went to the dentist again and felt pretty groggy.

Tuesday 10/2: Went to the gym, ran about 2.5 miles around the track and did some ab/arm exercises. I ran the fastest I ever have without walking! :)

Wednesday 10/3: Went to a yoga class for an hour and 15 minutes. I tried the next level up class and it was pretty good!

Thursday 10/4: Ran a decently fast mile (I think it was about 9 minutes) then went on the elliptical for a few minutes (I hate the elliptical!). Did some ab/arm exercises and stretched.

Friday 10/5: Day off. I had a work event that was around a 12 hour day then had to visit someone in the hospital so there really wasn't time to work out.

Saturday 10/6: Ran a little over 3 miles outside! I was really proud of myself, I didn't walk much of it and it took me 30 minutes which I think is pretty good! :)

Sunday 10/7: Wasn't feeling well so I decided to rest. :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Natural Ways to Heal Yourself

I don't know about you, but at the first sign of a cold I tend to take loads of cold medicine and cough drops and power through my day. But is that really the best for your body? Sure, it helps you feel better (sometimes) but what if you let your body heal itself first and used medicine second?

Next time you start feeling ill, do yourself a favor and take the day off. I know, sometimes we can't always do this, but sometimes we can and we make excuses because we feel like it is lazy. Giving yourself time to heal is never lazy! Taking a day to rest when you're feeling sick - this means no exercise, no going out, just laying in bed and relaxing - can be the best thing you can do for yourself. It lets your body's natural defenses jump in and start working to make your infection go away.

Another great way to help your body heal is to take a day of fasting while you are resting. By spending the day only drinking water (drink plenty to help your body get rid of toxins!) you allow your body to spend time fighting your infection and give your immune system extra strength because it isn't spending time digesting. When you are starting to come off your short fast, remember to start slow by eating fruits, juices, small salads, etc. If you don't eat one day then eat a whole pizza the next because you're so starving... imagine how you will feel! Even sicker I imagine!

Remember that your body is an amazing machine. It has all the tools to heal yourself from minor illnesses. The key is knowing when you need help. If an infection hangs around or suddenly gets worse, definitely see your doctor and get some antibiotics.

What do you do when you start feeling ill?

Monday, October 1, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Monday 9/24: Day off.

Tuesday 9/25: Went on about an hour walk with a friend.

Wednesday 9/26: This is shaping out to be a horrible workout week! I tried to run and had sharp pains in my side so I mostly walked one mile.

Thursday 9/27: Day off. Between meetings and going to the dentist that knocked me out for a while, I wasn't up for it.

Friday 9/28: I ran/walked about 1.5 miles. I got sharp pains in my side again so I cut my run short. Any runners out there know what that could be from?

Saturday 9/29: Ran/walked about 2 miles.

Sunday 9/30: Finally joined a gym! Walked, stretched, lifted some small weights and did some ab exercises with a friend.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately - any suggestions on what you'd like to read from me? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Monday 9/17: Tried out a new gym. Went on the treadmill for about 30 minutes = 2 miles. Apparently I run slower on a treadmill. I also did some ab, leg and arm workouts using the machines (one machine each).

Tuesday 9/18: Day off. Got way too busy.

Wednesday 9/19: Ran/walked about 2 1/2 miles. Did a few ab workouts and stretched. The weather was definitely a little chilly, my nose wouldn't stop running!

Thursday 9/20: Went to an hour yoga class. It was focused on stretching and relaxation which was exactly what I needed!

Friday 9/21: Day off.

Saturday 9/22: Alternated between jogging, sprinting and walking for about 2 miles. Did some arm and ab exercises afterwards.

Sunday 9/23: Jogged for 2 miles, only walked a little bit! Did some arm/ab exercises after. If you're curious what arm/ab workouts I've been doing... I've been just lifting some small weights for my arms and I've been doing crunches, planks, and the yoga boat pose for my abs normally.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Organic Skin Care

Did you know that your skin absorbs 64% of what you put on it? *According to Juice Beauty

Scary to think about it absorbing all the chemicals in makeup, lotions, face wash, shower gel, shave cream, etc. How many products do you use in a day? I'm guessing if you're a girly girl like me... A LOT.

Lately, I've been getting more interested in eating healthier, exercising more and getting rid of chemicals that we put in and on our bodies every day. Some people argue that it isn't enough to get us sick, but I don't think it can hurt to try to limit the "bad stuff" we put on our skin.

So I've been looking into organic products. You have to be extra careful because some products claim to be natural and organic, but in reality, aren't. So likely you're paying more for these so-called organic products and they are just as bad as what you were already buying!

When looking for organic products, make sure it has a "certified organic" seal. If the product only uses words like "natural" or is called "Organix", check the labels. Chances are it still has lots of chemicals in it.

Google or surf Pinterest for DIY beauty recipes. For example, you can make a great scrub using only a few ingredients from your pantry!

For now I have switched to Juicy Beauty, a certified organic brand, for my facial routine and shampoo/conditioner. I hope to eventually find a great organic soap, lotion, makeup and even deodorant brand. Deodorant seems to be the hardest since I do not want to be all sweaty and smelly! I've tried some of Bubble and Bee's organic products before, even one of their deodorants, but I decided to take the plunge and try their sample pack of their new cream deodorants.

I previously tried their "Pit Putty" which I did not like because it was crumbly and hard to apply. The cream deodorants come in little jars and you simply spread them on and let them dry a bit under your arms. I've been using them for a few days and I do actually like them. I've found that they smell amazing and I don't get BO. However, since you can't find organic antiperspirants because the bad chemicals are what stop you from sweating, I did feel a bit sweaty throughout the day. I think I will still keep an antiperspirant around for times when I will have a tendency to sweat more and don't want sweat stains.

Still working on organic makeup and other personal care items such as lotion, but I hope one day to use all organic products to keep my skin and health safe. Don't think it will cost a fortune either! The new shampoo and condition I bought was only $9 each... a little pricier than a cheap brand but cheaper than a fancy brand. The bottles were quite large too and should last a while.

What do you think about organic skin care and makeup?

Monday, September 17, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Monday 9/10: Ran for a mile then ran/walked another mile. Had bad side cramps while running that day so it was a hard one. I did manage to do some ab workouts after though.

Tuesday 9/11: Alternated between walking and running for a little over 2 miles. I did some interval sprints in there too.

Wednesday 9/12: Went on a walk with a friend for about an hour and I would estimate around 2 miles.

Thursday 9/13: I went on a 1.5 mile run and did some ab/arm exercises afterwards.

Friday 9/14: Day off.

Saturday 9/15: Ran about 2 miles and did some ab/arm exercises.

Sunday 9/16: Day off.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shabby Apple Love + Coupon Code For You!

Shabby Apple seems to be all over the blogging world. I've never actually bought anything from their online shop, but I am dying to! Their dresses especially are adorable! I'm in love with these:

Ready to shop? Use this code to get 10% off ANYTHING on the site!

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Have fun shopping - comment if you plan to buy anything! Or just let me know your favorites if you're window shopping like me. ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Tuesday 9/4: Did yoga for about an hour using a yoga DVD.

Wednesday 9/5: Ran/walked 2 miles and did a few ab exercises.

Thursday 9/6: Day off. Pretty sore from the last two days so I wanted to take it easy.

Friday 9/7: Went to yoga with a friend for an hour class. Also ran 2 miles.

Saturday 9/8: Didn't work out this day, but went out that night and danced for a few hours! That's a good workout right? :)

Sunday 9/9: Day off.

How were your workouts last week?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Running On and On

For me, motivation comes and goes. Pinterest has been helping lately actually to get me motivated to run and work out. I love browsing the Health and Fitness Boards on Pinterest. Check mine out! ;) I've been working towards running a 5k, although I haven't signed up for any yet, I hope to soon!

Here are some ah-ha moments I've had about running and fitness:

  1. I get a lot of tension in my neck and back working at a computer all day. I've found that running can help release that.
  2. Exercise helps you feel better and is a motivator to eat healthier as well!
  3. Running can be very difficult but it is a great stress reliever for me and I enjoy working towards running faster and longer. Even those hard runs help me feel like I accomplished something.
  4. Exercise is great, but don't push too hard. I like to take days off from running where I do yoga or simply rest if I feel that I am too sore.
What are your ah-ha moments on motivation and exercise? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Lately I have been pretty motivated and I want to keep that momentum going. That is why I am going to share my workouts with you each week! Encouragement would be amazing! :) I think I will share them on Mondays, I am sharing today because I already had a post ready for yesterday.

Monday 8/27: Ran/walked 2 miles. I jogged the entire first mile then switched between walking and jogging for the second mile. I also did some ab exercises.

Tuesday 8/28: Played tennis with a friend for about an hour.

Wednesday 8/29: Ran/walked 1.8 miles. Mostly jogged!

Thursday 8/30: Day off.

Friday 8/31: Did yoga for an hour and swam for about 45 minutes.

Saturday 9/1: Ran walked/ 1.8 miles. Mostly jogged again! I try to always stretch before and after running and Saturday I did really good with this.

Sunday 9/2: Day off.

Monday 9/3: Ran 2 miles (walked off and on) then jumped in my neighbor's pool!

My goals are to do yoga at least once a week and hopefully start doing it twice a week (as long as my paycheck allows ;), run at least 3x a week and do some other type of activity like tennis, bike riding, rollerblading or even Just Dance on my Wii. :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wait For It...

Wait for the guy that loves the real you.
Wait for the guy who thinks your seemingly most unattractive features are the most attractive.
Wait for the guy that lets you live your own life and see your friends without being controlling.
Wait for the guy that may never completely understand you, but accepts you without question.
Wait for the guy that kisses your forehead and tells you he loves you every day.
Wait for the guy that fights for you from the beginning and every day.

This boy will come if you let him in.

What do you look for in a guy?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Can't Enjoy This Sunset Because I'm Too Busy Trying to Take a Photo...

I recently saw this quote online: "I can't enjoy this sunset because I am too busy trying to take a great picture of it to put on Facebook".

I think of this often in my generation. We are so connected and have our lives so intertwined with social media and acceptance that this line becomes a blur.

I've gone to concerts and desperately tried to take a good photo or video. Will I look at these photos or videos again after uploading them to Facebook? Will other people take the time to watch the whole video or view all of the blurry photos? Most likely, no.

So why do we reject the real world because we are trying to put it in our digital one? Why are we so obsessed with preserving our memories digitally that we don't actually enjoy making these memories?

We crave approval from others and the digital medium makes it very easy to want and get approval. Don't you feel happier when you get comments or likes on things you share on Facebook? Do you ever get disappointed when no one comments or likes your newest photo? This doesn't make the photo any less beautiful or the status any less clever, but you feel that way.

So I am trying to take a step back and enjoy the moments I have and remember I don't need to preserve everything. My brain will do that for me. It is very nice to look back at Facebook photos and remember certain things from birthday parties or events, but it is also nice to talk with friends and be nostalgic about the same events.

The next time you are enjoying a concert or a sunset or anything... remember that you don't need to struggle to capture it. Simply sit and enjoy it and be in the moment. Remember that your digital life isn't everything; your real life is.

What do you think about this topic?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Real Scoop on Working From Home

A lot of people ask me exactly what I do for work and sometimes it is hard to explain. I am a marketing coordinator and freelance writer. I have about eight clients, ranging from a non-profit organization to a women's online magazine to a tool and die shop, but not all are active at the same time. Any given day I have ongoing projects that require more than one day of work, such as helping create a new website for a non-profit organization and new projects, such as creating an email newsletter for a client to send out for that month. Here are some common misconceptions and truths about working from home...

Yes, I regularly work in my pajamas. Most days I wake up without an alarm, unless I have something scheduled like a phone call or meeting. I get up and check my emails and to-do lists for the day, grab some breakfast and get working. Some days I stay in my pajamas for a short time and sometimes I stay in them until the afternoon when I realize, well, I should probably change. :)

Just because I work at home, doesn't mean I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Yes, it is great because it allows me to grab lunch with a friend or take a few hours off for a haircut or appointment and finish my work later that night, but it doesn't mean I can do whatever I want. I regularly have phone or in person meetings and I am now up to a full-time load of work. Things have got to get done so I can't just skip out whenever I feel like it, just like a normal job.

Just like any job, there are upsides and downsides. The upsides are working in my pjs, being able to have more freedom over my schedule than a 9-5 job, the flexibility and change of pace of working with different companies from my home office, etc. The downsides are that often clients expect you to work more than 9-5. I sometimes get "urgent requests" late at night or on weekends, no matter how much I try to put those time periods off limits for working.

I am considered a contract worker. I am not a full-time or part-time worker with any company. I am a contract worker that gets paid by the hour with no benefits or taxes taken out. Right now this isn't too much of a problem. I pay my taxes quarterly. I can still be under my parent's health care benefits, so that works out. Eventually I will have to get my own benefits and hopefully I will be making enough profits so that benefits and taxes won't be too much to handle.

Still, no matter what annoyances come up, I have to realize how much I love working from home and having a flexible schedule.

Anyone have any questions about working from home or what I do on a daily basis?