Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! 2010 Here we come!

Just wishing all of you a lovely New Years Eve and a great new year! I hope 2010 is a happy year for you and brings you new opportunities and ways to love.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Big Question

Fate or coincidence?

This seems to be the most basic yet eternal question human beings can ask.

Fate: the notion that everything in our universe is connected and pre-conceived, that everything that is happening right now is supposed to happen and was working all this time to happen.

Coincidence: the other side of the spectrum, that everything just happens with no rhyme or reason and no connection.

I don't know about you, but fate is just magical enough for me to love the idea of it. I've always been a big believer in fate and often think about how this situation led to this one and this one and so on. How we meet certain people who change our lives. And what if the place or the time or situations that led up to you meeting them never happened?

I guess the movie "500 Days of Summer" (great movie by the way!) has got me thinking about this concept. I particularly liked this line from it by Summer.
"I guess it's because I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Grey and a guy comes up to me and asks me about it. And now he is my husband. So what if I've gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I'd gotten there ten minutes later? It was meant to be and I just kept thinking. Tom was right."

Fate may be an idea some people scoff at because of its spiritual or even religious connotations because you could say God planned everything out, but truly who wants to believe that everything in life is pure coincidence? Isn't fate much more fun to think about?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Those faithful friends are you - my new blogger friends!

Probably my last post for a while so I just wanted to wish all of my friends (in real life and in the blogger world!) a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever it is you celebrate! You are all fantastic and I hope you have some great times this year.

Unfortunately it seems like a cold has snuck up on me but I'm hoping it won't be too bad. Bad enough I'll probably have to miss my boyfriend's championship hockey game tonight because it starts at 11pm. Last night he scored the game winning goal in a shoot-out and I was so proud!

But I won't let the sniffles ruin my Christmas. Tonight I'm heading to my parents house and having dinner with them and my boy. Tomorrow I'm going to his house to exchange gifts then church and exchanging gifts with my parents and neighbors. Then on Christmas day I see my mom's and dad's sides for the normal Christmas festivities, lots of food and gifts and hopefully good cheer. I must say I am quite excited to wear my new sweater dress and leopard flats to church tomorrow.
This is not quite it, but very close! Mine just has long sleeves and a tie belt.
And I am ridiculously in love with these shoes!

So with that! I leave you with the best wishes and I will be posting again after Christmas! What are all of you doing for the holidays? xoxo

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I'm Lovin' Today!

I'm currently obsessed with this song. Enjoy!

Say "I love you"

"We gotta tell 'em that we love 'em when we've got the chance to say"

Maybe it is my slight OCD or just the fact I've always just had to tell the people I love that I love them. Maybe it is because I'm kinda needy and need to hear the words back. Who knows, all I know is that I never miss a chance to say "I love you" to my family and boyfriend when I leave from them. It is now a ritual that my boy and I have to text each other goodnight and say we love each other.

Does it just make you feel good? To say those words and to hear them back. You never know what might happen. Perhaps it is morbid to say, but you leaving to go somewhere or letting someone else go, you may never see them again. Don't you want your last words to them to be the best ones in our human existence?

So next time you see those you love, don't forget to tell them. They will definitely love to hear the words and it might just make you feel good too. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why are Quiet People Weird? Part 2

Remember my first post on the subject?

A second post stems from my grandma asking me when I got so quiet. Apparently I was much more chatty when I was younger. Who isn't though? Who isn't a chatterbox when they're five? To be honest, I don't remember ever being really talkative. I've always been more introverted and I'm okay with that.

Is there anyone else out there that has a love/hate relationship with thinking? I've always been the kind of person that thinks things through, often too much, and has many daydreams and dreams. A lot of times my world revolves inside my head. This makes me think about my favorite show "Scrubs" and how often the main character, JD drifts off into his own crazy fantasies. While mine are no where near his, mine are more still makes me giggle. I often daydream about the past or the future, wondering where my life will turn out. This is a great thing to do when you're bored in class! ;)

But is it really a bad thing? Some people seem to think so. But I say no way. Thinkers, introverts, shy me, I don't think they are weird at all. Sometimes you need people to think things through, think about things before they speak, and simply daydream. If we lived in a world full of crazy would that get? Sometimes there needs to be a listener and I am more than happy to be one.

The downside of being an introvert and an avid thinker...over-thinking. I've been known to ruin relationships or chances by over-thinking. I think things through TOO much instead of simply taking chances and living life. So here's to introverts, the ones who listen, who take the time to think about things before jumping into them, who just want to have alone time with a good book. I'm one of you! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Sometimes we forget who we got, who they are, or who they're not. There is so much more in love, than black and white." - Amos Lee

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Note to Myself

Here's a note to myself (to be used in a future date when I am feeling gloomy, sad, or just don't feel like being me):

  • There are people out there that find me beautiful. They don't see my flaws like I do. They somehow see things I can't.
  • My parents and my family love me. They show it in different ways but there are a handful of family members, especially my mom and dad I can always count on. My grandma prays for me also and that is comforting.
  • Even when I don't feel like it, I have friends that care about me and think I'm great. No matter how busy life gets, I know I've found best friends who will still be there to make me laugh and share good and bad times with.
  • I truly believe I will be successful one day. Fate will work it's magic with me. I've found what I love and that is all that matters.

I adore Frankenmuth!

Just a wish of good end of the semester finals to all you students and good luck to everyone with pre-holiday plans! I'm heading to Frankenmuth tomorrow and I am so excited to see the lights at night. I've always gone during the day and never really had a chance to see it all lit up for Christmas. Here are some pictures of what I might enjoy tomorrow... Enjoy!

Tell me all about your upcoming plans. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can't really describe it...but I can try.

Creativity struck me. :)

I can't really describe what it's like to be with you, but I can try.

Every time I see you, a wave of nervousness and comfort wash over me. Yes, I know these are two completely different emotions, but it is what happens. You remember that feeling of a first date, the butterflies in our stomachs? I still get that. I still get butterflies. But when they come, your touch comforts me. Your voice soothes me.
Every joke, laugh, smile, talk gets tucked deep into my heart of hearts to be unfolded at night when I'm alone. At night, those moments before sleep, I think of your face. I remember all the things you promised me. I remember inside jokes and soft kisses. I always hope to see your face as the last thing before I fall into sleep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random thought...

Just watched part of a VH1 special: 100 top songs of the 90's! I am definitely a 90's girl and knew almost every song I saw for the hour I watched it...which had me thinking. What is your favorite 90's song?

From the list I had to say I was lovin' Jewel's "Who Will Save your Soul?" But there sure were some good Hootie & the Blowfish, Sugar Ray, etc.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ups and Downs of Apartment Living

First of all, thank you for your kind words about my lack of postings/finals. I am happy to report 1 done, 2 more to go! I also snagged an internship for next semester today! Woo! Wish me luck with the rest of my week... I'm glad I got around to writing an entry today though. :)

Here's an update on my first apartment. I must say, sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with living on my own...but for the most part I love it. Here's a list of reasons I love it and reasons I hate it. Perhaps you agree!Here's a picture of part of my bedroom, what do you guys think?

Love it!
1. Being on my own, being more independent and knowing I can do all these things my mom used to do for me. 2. Not having to tell someone where I'm going and what I'm doing. 3. More privacy. 4. It's fun having a roommate! As much as I love doing things with my mom, it is just not the same. Having a friend there to do spontaneous Walmart trips at 12am is great. 5. It is also fun to have a place to call have my own bathroom and my own things!

Hate it!
1. I do miss my parents. I definitely find myself being closer to them and love going to see them. It helps when I don't talk to them as much, there is most time spent being happy with each other, which is great. But sometimes I really miss my house. 2. I miss my doggie! She is so sweet and I miss cuddling with her at night. 3. Noisy neighbors! Before it was my dad's snoring keeping me awake at night and now I can enjoy early morning jam sessions, heavy footsteps ALL THE TIME, and random loud talking. 4. Having to cook for myself, clean everything, do laundry...things my mom did for me now I have to do. It gets annoying but I know I am proud of myself for doing these things for myself. 5. Being closer to school is great but I feel like I am constantly driving elsewhere because I am now farther away from places I go to like to babysit, work, see my parents, etc.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A quick note!

I apologize for the lack of postings lately. I have been too busy. Yesterday for example, I babysat from 8am-2:30 then went to work after until 8pm. I totally crashed afterwards. Next week I have finals, so hopefully I can squeeze in a post between studying, but if not, see you guys in Christmas break!

In the meantime, check out my store on Amazon. Lots of old CDs, books, and random things... :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jumping on the Christmas Bandwagon...

Here's a list of things I love about Christmas and can't wait for:

1. Walking downtown to see Christmas lights and seeing them in neighborhoods.

2. Decorating!

3. Snuggling with hot cocoa in my hand.

4. Snuggling in general (preferably with my boy!)

5. Christmas tunes and movies. I love the old Christmas movies with the clay people. "Year Without a Santa Clause" is my favorite!

6. Giving presents.

7. Okay, okay...receiving them too. ;)

8. Break from class!

9. Everyone just seems happier.

10. Snow falling lightly on Christmas Eve. I always hope for this.

What do you love about this time of year?