Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Those faithful friends are you - my new blogger friends!

Probably my last post for a while so I just wanted to wish all of my friends (in real life and in the blogger world!) a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever it is you celebrate! You are all fantastic and I hope you have some great times this year.

Unfortunately it seems like a cold has snuck up on me but I'm hoping it won't be too bad. Bad enough I'll probably have to miss my boyfriend's championship hockey game tonight because it starts at 11pm. Last night he scored the game winning goal in a shoot-out and I was so proud!

But I won't let the sniffles ruin my Christmas. Tonight I'm heading to my parents house and having dinner with them and my boy. Tomorrow I'm going to his house to exchange gifts then church and exchanging gifts with my parents and neighbors. Then on Christmas day I see my mom's and dad's sides for the normal Christmas festivities, lots of food and gifts and hopefully good cheer. I must say I am quite excited to wear my new sweater dress and leopard flats to church tomorrow.
This is not quite it, but very close! Mine just has long sleeves and a tie belt.
And I am ridiculously in love with these shoes!

So with that! I leave you with the best wishes and I will be posting again after Christmas! What are all of you doing for the holidays? xoxo


  1. I have those shoes!! And I love them!!

    I am succumbing to the sniffles also so not sure what we're going to be up to. Keep an eye on the blog to find out!

    Happy Christmas

  2. The perfect sweater dress has been evading me for quite some time now... but maybe I'll come upon it eventually!

    I hope you get over your cold quickly! And I hope you enjoy your Christmas - happy holidays to you too :)

  3. Rachel - Ahhh they are truly amazing. I love leopard print. :) Hope you're feeling better! I am starting to get better but I have been feeling pretty crummy. Ugh.

    Natalie & Shelby - The dress is super comfy, I love it! I hope you find your perfect sweater dress, I definitely recommend Target.

    Thanks girls, Merry Christmas! <3

  4. Merry Christmas! I JUST stumbled across this blog- and it's great! :D

    Those shoes are ADORABLE.


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