Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Exclusive Interview with LaToya from Real World St. Thomas

LaToya Jackson from The Real World St. Thomas graciously answered some questions about being on the Real World! She is so sweet and hilarious... here's what she had to say about the Real World and life afterwards! Check out her video or simply read what she had to say. Trust me, you'll want to watch the video!

1. What made you decide to audition for the Real World?

I was mainly influenced by a former co-worker of mines, that worked with me at a local news station. Along with that friends and family always told me about how fun, funny, and full of personality I am, and how they could one day see me on t.v.  When I found out that the real world was holding a casting call  in Richmond VA. I thought to myself hmmm... why not try it out to see exactly how far this personality of mines could take me. And ehhh whata ya know... It landed me on MTV!

2. Can you give us any behind the scenes information or a sneak peek of what is to come in the upcoming episodes?

There is soo much more to look forward to on this season. We did so much, and had so much fun in 3 months, it almost sucks that it all have to be compressed into 1 hr episodes.  What  people don't know is that a couple of the episodes (1 and 4) were comprised of one day worth o footage. Everything you saw happened in each episode took place in an entire day. That goes to show how much went down on Hassle Island.

3. Do you regret anything you did while filming?

No, i have no regrets about anything I did. But I do have regrets about a few things that I DIDN'T do. I wish I spent more time perfecting my kayaking skills, and application of sunblock. Unfortunately I came home with really ugly tan lines.

4. What was the best part of being in St. Thomas with the roommates and what was the worst?

Personally, the best part of being in St, Thomas in my opinion was its atmosphere. The scenery was AMAZING! Everyday there were huge cruise ships that line the docks. Perfect sunny weather, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and people coming  and going from all walks of life made me feel like i was in paradise. Even the rainy days were perfect. I would say the worst part would be the "island time". It's an old saying that goes "everyone in St. Thomas lives on island time", a much slower and relax pace of living and working. Unfortunately for me, I do everything fast. Eat, sleep, walk, and talk, so that was something that took a very long time for me to get adjusted too.

5. How has being on the show changed your life since you left St. Thomas?

Since leaving St. Thomas my lifestyle hasn't changed too drastically. I'm still the same person, with the same routines, family and friends. Only difference now  is that I've added an experience of a lifetime that has brought forth lots of attention locally and nationally.

6. Besides your own season, what was one of your favorite seasons of RW?

After 27 seasons I must say my all time favorite is Real World Back to Vegas. They were great cast that definitely kept things interesting and entertaining, but I must add that the competition is tough.... Because Real World St. Thomas, we are  planning on taking that title as favorite season.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Thank you so much LaToya for this exclusive interview - you are awesome!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tunes I'm Lovin' Tuesday!

Today's tune is a cover! I randomly found her on Youtube and am obsessed with all of her covers. She has a beautiful voice! What do you think?

"Pumped Up Kicks" (Cover) - Jayme Dee


Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Rush Growing Up?

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to move on to the next stage of life. In elementary school, I was excited for middle school. In middle school, I wanted to go to high school. In high school, I wanted to go to college. In college, I couldn't wait to graduate and start making money. Now I just want to slow down.

I see a lot of my friends still rushing growing up. They trade going out and having fun with friends for buying houses and nights in with boyfriends. Sure, growing up is inevitable. You can't be Peter Pan and not pay bills or have a job or get your own place. But I see too many people rushing to get married, have babies and get all... domestic.

I think your twenties is about exploring, having fun and figuring life out. You don't have to have your dream job right after college. Right now, I just wish life could slow down a bit. I almost regret going through school so fast and wanting the next thing and the next thing. Maybe we just need to slow down and enjoy being young. Enjoy getting to spend time with your friends. Going out and having adventures. Being a little bit irresponsible now and again. Laughing more than you worry.

I think I am at the point where I see people trying to be 30 something instead of 20 something and wonder if they will regret it later in life. I wonder if they wish they spent more time having fun. All I can do is go my own way and enjoy my life. I want to be young and fun and enjoy the time I have now.

We all have to grow up sometime. Why rush it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

First of all, Happy 4th of July! I am going to The Detroit Tigers game tonight for free with some friends - so excited! :)

Let me first say I rarely go see movies at midnight. I normally can't stay awake until 3 am! But, I was really excited for the new Spiderman series. I love the last ones and Spiderman is definitely my favorite comic book character. I was extra excited because I absolutely adore Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They were wonderful together and it is no surprise they are dating in real life.

The only downfall of the movie was that it was pretty similar to the last ones that really didn't come out that long ago. So you pretty much knew what was going to happen if you've seen the other Spiderman movie. Peter Parker lives with his aunt and uncle, Peter gets bit by a radioactive spider, Uncle Ben dies and Peter seeks revenge as Spiderman, there's a mad scientist who accidentally turns himself into an evil creature, they fight, Spiderman prevails. Pretty much the same story.

I still loved it. The greatest thing about those movies is that it has something for everyone. It has lots of action, adventure, drama, romance, sad parts, funny parts, you name it.

Dr. Connor's Lizard Man was pretty creepy and I loved the subtle differences, like the fact it was Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane Watson. Andrew Garfield was great as Peter Parker. His awkwardness was adorable and funny. I can't wait for the sequel... you know it is coming!

What do you think? Have you seen it yet and if you haven't, do you plan on seeing it? Let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tunes I'm Lovin' Tuesday and Giveaway Winners!

Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday! Today we have two things to get to... the tune I'm lovin' and the giveaway winners for the free eyeglasses!

Today's tune is one of my favorite Coldplay songs. They played it in the new "The Amazing Spiderman" movie I saw last night and it reminded me how much I loved the song. (Review of movie to come!)

"'Til Kingdom Come" - Coldplay


Now onto the winners.... congrats! I emailed Firmoo and they should be contacting you about your prize! :)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm 23!

Today is my birthday! I celebrated with friends this past Saturday... here's some pictures! Today I get to spend the day with my boy at the beach then my family is coming over. I'm also seeing "The Amazing Spiderman" tonight at midnight - should be really fun!