Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shut up!

"OMG, I'm so fatttt."

I can't even begin to count how many times I've heard this sentence come out of girl's my age's mouths or heard that they are spreading this around. And newsflash, not one of these girls probably tops over 150 pounds. And it makes me mad. I always wonder if those girls know that everyone else knows they are simply fishing for compliments.

This idea started out as a way to say to girls that we are all beautiful and that you should love yourself no matter what, but I am getting requests to be a bit more sassy... so here goes. To all those girls who are a size 2 and complain constantly about being fat. I do not have any advice for you. I am not going to tell you that you are beautiful. Instead, I think I will tell you to...


This pretty much goes to all complainers out there. Sure, we all complain and it can't be stopped but I have encountered more than a few "Debbie Downers" and I can say I am thoroughly sick of their antics. You know, it's really freaking fantastic that your job sucks, your home life sucks, your boyfriend (and/or) husband is a jerk, your friends are all ditching you, and there's dramadramadrama. But really, just because I am succumbed to spend my hours listening to you and can't get away, doesn't mean I really care about your life story and how terrible it is.

So to all those skinny girls who just want everyone to fawn over them and tell them how skinny they are, please stop saying that you're fat. If you really were, an obnoxious child would have probably told you by now. Complainers in general, please go join some sort of complainer/"Debbie Downer" cult and stay away from the rest of us who try to live a happy, normal life. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I forgot to tell y'all!

I was published again! Check it out, scroll down until you see my name.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Humans as Water

I never feel as calm as I do while watching the water. There is something about the blue sky echoing a soft blue water... the sand, the waves... it is magical. Whether it be a big or small lake or the ocean, I find nothing more beautiful. Thinking more deeply about it, I find that as humans we take on characteristics of the water, which seems appropriate considering we need it to survive and we are made up of more than half water in our bodies.

First, there is the way the water and the sky parallel each other and have the same color. We change to our surroundings. When thrust into a new situation, we often rebel but we almost always adjust. Think about being a freshman at High School and how scary everything was and how by the time you were a senior, everything was normal and the school was yours. We became the same color as the school.

Second, the way the water changes can be the same as our moods. Sometimes we are the choppy, angry waters, expressing that anger by yelling or hitting or cursing. But most of the time we are the calmer waters, a few waves here and there, but mostly still, taking life in each breath at a time. The sand may get in our way, but it is nothing we can't handle.

And lastly, we are always moving. Even when we are still, we still breathe; we are still part of the world. We are constantly flowing and moving and growing and changing. Even when we don't realize it. Even when we think we are just a small bit of water, we really are part of the larger ocean of life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forgiveness is for the Strong

Ghandi once said "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong." Isn't that true? Isn't it much easier to fight and scream and hold a grudge? When someone hurts your feelings, at first, it makes you much happier to say mean things behind their back and to say they don't deserve your forgiveness. Perhaps they don't. Forgiveness isn't just about the other person though, it is mostly about yourself.

When you forgive someone, regardless if they apologize or if they even are sorry, you are acknowledging to yourself that you are strong. You are going to let whatever that person said or did to you roll of your back. You acknowledge that they are human and make mistakes and so do you. Forgiveness allows you to tell yourself that no one can make or break you.

After the happiness fades of holding that grudge, all you'll be left with are feelings of sadness over a lost friend or jealousy or anger. You'll feel bound to that person and only with these words: I forgive you, will you set those feelings free. You don't even have to say it to the person, you just have to mean them when you say them in your mind.

So forgive. You'll feel lighter and happier in the long run. I'll leave you with a quote from the Bible for those religious...

"For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."

-Matthew 6:14,1

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Saving Fun Tips

$$$. Money. Bucks. Bills. Cash. However you name it... you need it. Finding myself spending too much and not saving enough I am here to write down ways to have fun without spending a lot of dough. Summer is right around the corner which makes it easier than ever to have fun with your friends and also save a little more.

1. Bike Ride. Walk. Run. Play tennis at the park. Play basketball. Whatever sport gets you moving, head outside and do it... you can do all of it for free if you have the equipment needed. Even if you don't, chances are you can borrow it from someone you know.

2. Find out where you can take a free class. Most exercise or art classes cost money but some offer the first week for free. I started taking classes at a local yoga studio and you could go no strings attached for free for your first week, trying out as many classes as you want.

3. As the weather gets warmer and you start sweating... hit the pool! I bet you know someone with a pool that would love to invite you over or know someone with a local pool membership. Even if you can't go swimming, fill some balloons or squirt guns with water or turn on the sprinkler. You'll have fun and feel cooler at the same time.

4. Love feeling girly and pampered but feeling the downside of the recession? Instead of getting a mani/pedi, grab a friend and do each other's nails instead. Love the feeling of tanning? It is going to get warmer, so sit outside for a while with a magazine. If your muscles are aching and you need a massage, grab a loved one and ask them to rub you down.

5. Pack a lunch from your house and head to the park. Not only will you have a nice picnic, but you can walk around and enjoy nature. Bring your camera and make a photo shoot out of it.

6. Feeling tired and lazy? Watch a movie with a friend or play some video games. You or your friend already owns these. If you feel like watching a new movie, call around and see who just bought the latest movie.

7. Dying to shop? If you have enough self control, head to a new city nearby and window shop. Afraid you'll buy something? Find a friend who is a similar size to you and grab some clothes you no longer wear. Swap it up! You both will have smiles finding some new clothes for free.

8. Go play with your pet! If you don't have one, head to a pet store and play with the pets for a while. It doesn't cost anything to look.

9. Trying to save money on your car? Wash it yourself. Instead of driving everywhere, ride your bike a save a few dollars on gas money.

10. Watch a local sports game. I enjoy watching my boyfriend play hockey and softball right now and it doesn't cost anything to head over to the park or the ice arena and watch a game. Who cares if you don't know anyone playing? It's still a fun way to relax.

Now, what are your ideas to save money this summer and still have a blast?

Friday, May 8, 2009


New header... credit to my friend Hector. You can check out his website at He's a very talented artist!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Letting Go

An easy concept, yet the hardest thing humans have to learn to do. Letting go can mean many different things... and each one might be harder than the last. Letting go can mean grieving and moving on after a loved one dies. It can mean being okay after a break-up or a rejection.

With such a hard concept and infinite possibilities of relationships to deal with, it is a wonder how we survive. How time heals us. How the second a boyfriend dumps you, your beloved grandmother dies, or your friend decides you are now an enemy... our lives seem to crumble. How we wish that life would have thrown us a bone or warned us somehow.

So how do we do it? Once something happens that crumbles our very world, that makes us question our relationships, and that produces rainstorm-size tears, what do we do?

Give it time and train your mind. Letting go is not an overnight process. It can take weeks, months, even years... depending on the situation. When you have invested the time to train your mind to let go, you will be a better person. You'll cry. You'll scream. You'll question why it happened and think about every different possibility that never happened. But once you settle down... think about why it happened. Perhaps a new, better, and exciting relationship is around the corner. Maybe death is what will cause you to live your life. You never know how much trouble that lost friend could have gotten you in and maybe you're better off without them. So forgive life. It doesn't care about your plans... sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taking Criticism

As a child and even now, I try to be really friendly to everyone I meet and it really bothers me when someone doesn't like me. Or doesn't like what I do. But the main thing I am learning is that there will always be someone that just doesn't like you... that criticizes you without provocation, that hurts you when you did nothing wrong, or that just doesn't like your "look". I remember being a gangly, shy girl in Middle School and coming home crying to my mom that some girl yelled at me for "giving her a dirty look" and called me a "ho". God bless me, I thought she called me a garden tool and was extremely confused. But in sixth grade, I was neither a "ho" and I sure didn't give any girl a look even remotely "dirty"... she was just a mean girl. There will always be that mean girl in your life. One that will never forgive you for something you said, one that thinks you have no talent, or one that will just be mean to you for no reason.

So accept it. Know that no matter what you do in life, there will always be someone that doesn't agree with you, doesn't like your work, doesn't like the way you dress... there will always be SOMETHING. If you let it get to you, you'll never succeed. If you let every bully out there push you into tears, you'll never shine brightly. So take every criticism in stride and smile everytime someone says something horrible to your face. This might be the hardest thing you do in life, but once you've mastered it... it surely will be your success story.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


One of my articles will be featured on a website called tomorrow. I encourage you to check it out and browse the site after you read my work. It is a rockin' website featuring tips on living your life more effectively.

Also, I am working on changing my blog around. I added a header, which I don't completely love but it is the best I can do right now. I'll be working on making a new one soon. If anyone wants to help with that, I would loooove it!

I also added a poll on the left side of the blog if you scroll down a bit. It will help me know what people like me to write about and what keeps them coming back for more. There is also a spot now to click on my labels, to read about what interests you.

Thanks loyal readers. Please, please, please... spread the word of my site. I am trying to get more readership, so tell your friends if you like my blog. I appreciate it.

News Media Annoyances

I hate to say but I constantly question myself as to why I am a Journalism major. Unfortunately, the answer is not that I love it. The answer is that the college I attended because "I wasn't ready to leave home" does not offer anything close to what I want to do. Which is creative writing. Journalism does offer teaching to help my grammar and writing skills and I enjoy those parts. Sometimes even interviewing is not that bad. But I must say: I hate the news media for the most part.

This whole "Swine Flu pandemic" only increases my hate. Yes, people have died from this. Yes, it is something we should prepare ourselves with knowledge of. But the news is having a field day. It is all they talk about and they do everything in their power to shy away from chatting about our dying economy. Being about half of a hypochondriac myself, luckily my common sense is taking over and realizing... okay, this is not the end of the world. NO, news media, we are in fact NOT all going to die a slow and painful death. But I can't even imagine how full-blown hypochondriacs feel. I guarantee a good portion of the world's population are glued to their televisions, drowning in every word, pouring hand sanitizer over their bodies and flipping out every time they see someone sneeze.

So I for one am taking a stand for my own well-being. I am convincing my parents to watch something other than the news at dinner or I will not be eating with them. I refuse to check news sites and am trying to stay away from the constant bombardment of the media, no matter what kind. Being informed is healthy, but I am sick and tired of the news media telling me to worry about the swine flu, the economy, and if I hear the word Twitter one more time.... well, my TV just might be out the window. Sure, I might just get kicked out of my Journalism class for being a poser, but my brain and my heart will feel a little bit happier inside.

I found this video funny and true. I only watched about the first 2 minutes because she goes on to talk about other things after, so just watch the part making fun of the Swine Flu. You'll enjoy it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Key is Balance

You can't be happy with someone else, unless you are happy with yourself first.

This post was inspired by this advice I recently gave to a friend who said that she was having trouble being happy when she wasn't around her boyfriend and she felt she relied on him too much. I think this becomes true for a lot of relationships, particularly for young people. You find someone who loves you and doesn't have to... and you forget about the love you have for others or even yourself.

The key to all relationships, in my opinion, is balance. Balance is really the key to life. Too much work, too much play... can ruin you. You must balance yourself, others, and the things you do in life. Spending too much time with one person disrupts this balance. I strongly believe the most important thing in a relationship is to have time for that person, time for your friends/family away from the person and time where the two groups combine, and most importantly, time for yourself. If you disrupt this balance, chances are you'll feel the pain of it. You won't feel happy being alone, you won't enjoy your friends company, or you won't have time to miss your lover.

So if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, enjoy them. Set aside times for the two of you. Set aside times when they can hang with your friends and meet your family. Then, forget about them for a little bit... go shopping with your best friend or have a family BBQ where they aren't invited. You'll miss them, yes, and that is the key. If you are never apart, you never know how much you miss them when they're away and this can often decide how strong a relationship is. And lastly, set aside plenty of time to be alone. To think, to read, to relax and do whatever makes you happy. If you can't be happy when you are simply spending time with yourself... how can you expect yourself to be happy with others?