Monday, May 25, 2009

Humans as Water

I never feel as calm as I do while watching the water. There is something about the blue sky echoing a soft blue water... the sand, the waves... it is magical. Whether it be a big or small lake or the ocean, I find nothing more beautiful. Thinking more deeply about it, I find that as humans we take on characteristics of the water, which seems appropriate considering we need it to survive and we are made up of more than half water in our bodies.

First, there is the way the water and the sky parallel each other and have the same color. We change to our surroundings. When thrust into a new situation, we often rebel but we almost always adjust. Think about being a freshman at High School and how scary everything was and how by the time you were a senior, everything was normal and the school was yours. We became the same color as the school.

Second, the way the water changes can be the same as our moods. Sometimes we are the choppy, angry waters, expressing that anger by yelling or hitting or cursing. But most of the time we are the calmer waters, a few waves here and there, but mostly still, taking life in each breath at a time. The sand may get in our way, but it is nothing we can't handle.

And lastly, we are always moving. Even when we are still, we still breathe; we are still part of the world. We are constantly flowing and moving and growing and changing. Even when we don't realize it. Even when we think we are just a small bit of water, we really are part of the larger ocean of life.


  1. Very cool. I like the way you think. Like the world is just you and me and seven billion drips.


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