Sunday, May 3, 2009

News Media Annoyances

I hate to say but I constantly question myself as to why I am a Journalism major. Unfortunately, the answer is not that I love it. The answer is that the college I attended because "I wasn't ready to leave home" does not offer anything close to what I want to do. Which is creative writing. Journalism does offer teaching to help my grammar and writing skills and I enjoy those parts. Sometimes even interviewing is not that bad. But I must say: I hate the news media for the most part.

This whole "Swine Flu pandemic" only increases my hate. Yes, people have died from this. Yes, it is something we should prepare ourselves with knowledge of. But the news is having a field day. It is all they talk about and they do everything in their power to shy away from chatting about our dying economy. Being about half of a hypochondriac myself, luckily my common sense is taking over and realizing... okay, this is not the end of the world. NO, news media, we are in fact NOT all going to die a slow and painful death. But I can't even imagine how full-blown hypochondriacs feel. I guarantee a good portion of the world's population are glued to their televisions, drowning in every word, pouring hand sanitizer over their bodies and flipping out every time they see someone sneeze.

So I for one am taking a stand for my own well-being. I am convincing my parents to watch something other than the news at dinner or I will not be eating with them. I refuse to check news sites and am trying to stay away from the constant bombardment of the media, no matter what kind. Being informed is healthy, but I am sick and tired of the news media telling me to worry about the swine flu, the economy, and if I hear the word Twitter one more time.... well, my TV just might be out the window. Sure, I might just get kicked out of my Journalism class for being a poser, but my brain and my heart will feel a little bit happier inside.

I found this video funny and true. I only watched about the first 2 minutes because she goes on to talk about other things after, so just watch the part making fun of the Swine Flu. You'll enjoy it.


  1. Here at my house, we're taking hand sanitzer and squirting it up our noses. On purpose. This is not a great as is seems. For one thing, we all sound like we have the sniffles all day, and it is not a good sound. However, and this is why we do it, whenever somebody sneezes it disinfects the whole room. It is a win-win.

  2. Hahaha, I love it. Can't be a good smell, unless you got some of the fruity scents from Bath and Body Works.


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