Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Saving Fun Tips

$$$. Money. Bucks. Bills. Cash. However you name it... you need it. Finding myself spending too much and not saving enough I am here to write down ways to have fun without spending a lot of dough. Summer is right around the corner which makes it easier than ever to have fun with your friends and also save a little more.

1. Bike Ride. Walk. Run. Play tennis at the park. Play basketball. Whatever sport gets you moving, head outside and do it... you can do all of it for free if you have the equipment needed. Even if you don't, chances are you can borrow it from someone you know.

2. Find out where you can take a free class. Most exercise or art classes cost money but some offer the first week for free. I started taking classes at a local yoga studio and you could go no strings attached for free for your first week, trying out as many classes as you want.

3. As the weather gets warmer and you start sweating... hit the pool! I bet you know someone with a pool that would love to invite you over or know someone with a local pool membership. Even if you can't go swimming, fill some balloons or squirt guns with water or turn on the sprinkler. You'll have fun and feel cooler at the same time.

4. Love feeling girly and pampered but feeling the downside of the recession? Instead of getting a mani/pedi, grab a friend and do each other's nails instead. Love the feeling of tanning? It is going to get warmer, so sit outside for a while with a magazine. If your muscles are aching and you need a massage, grab a loved one and ask them to rub you down.

5. Pack a lunch from your house and head to the park. Not only will you have a nice picnic, but you can walk around and enjoy nature. Bring your camera and make a photo shoot out of it.

6. Feeling tired and lazy? Watch a movie with a friend or play some video games. You or your friend already owns these. If you feel like watching a new movie, call around and see who just bought the latest movie.

7. Dying to shop? If you have enough self control, head to a new city nearby and window shop. Afraid you'll buy something? Find a friend who is a similar size to you and grab some clothes you no longer wear. Swap it up! You both will have smiles finding some new clothes for free.

8. Go play with your pet! If you don't have one, head to a pet store and play with the pets for a while. It doesn't cost anything to look.

9. Trying to save money on your car? Wash it yourself. Instead of driving everywhere, ride your bike a save a few dollars on gas money.

10. Watch a local sports game. I enjoy watching my boyfriend play hockey and softball right now and it doesn't cost anything to head over to the park or the ice arena and watch a game. Who cares if you don't know anyone playing? It's still a fun way to relax.

Now, what are your ideas to save money this summer and still have a blast?

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