Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop "Half-listening"

When is the last time you really listened? When you heard something you weren't expecting? Last night while in the car heading home from a short Chicago trip, I was listening to my I-pod. For once, I was really listening. I began to notice other singers in the background, the soft changing of beats and tempos, in a song I have probably listened to hundreds of times. But it sounded like the first time.

It got me thinking. How many times I "half listen" to people. Whether I'm uninterested, busy with something else, or just plain not listening as carefully as I should... it makes me wonder. What am I missing? Often, to get to the root of a problem or a story or anything, you have to dig deeper than what is on the surface. By "half listening", walking away when someone is talking and pretending as if I'm listening, what am I missing? Missing their expression and maybe what they are really saying rather than what I think they are.

So, hey you! Go out there and really listen. Whether it is your favorite song, your parents, nature, or your best friend. See what life is trying to tell you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Can Be So Intense

I started this post weeks ago and never found a way to really write it, but having more examples I feel I can explain a part of me that I consider lovely yet threatens to break me. I feel things very intensely. I can't remember a time when I wasn't this way. Watching a movie in 1st grade about a dog getting sick and dying brought me to tears as I thought about all the pets I've loved. Lately, watching a little boy have to call his mom because he can't go to sleep without her. A friend tearing up talking about a boy who betrayed her. Watching these people suffer brought tears to my own eyes. I can't help but feel sad when people I care about are hurting. I can't help but to get angry right along with them or sometimes feel the joy I can see in their eyes.

And then it comes to love. When I love, I really love. I feel it in my every bone and I wear it on my sleeve. I like to think that I shower the people I love with those feelings and with appreciation.

For most other feelings it can be construed as good or bad... when I am angry, I can almost feel it rising within me. I want to punch a wall or throw something just to get it out. When I am sad about something, sometimes it overtakes me and things build up. I let little things get to me and I worry and stress about everything. I always considered those flaws, but now I realize it might just be me being passionate in life. Some people go through life numb and don't feel everything as real as they should. Perhaps I am just picking up their slack...

Another side is that sometimes when I feel things so intensely I expect others to be the same, I expect so much from others... I want to be treated the way I treat others but that is never really the case is it? It reminds me of this song lyrics,

I'm tired of tryin' cauz' I don't get nothing back...

Don't we all feel that way sometimes with our relationships? Haven't we all had friends that never call us and never act like they care unless we make the initial effort? Some people may not be bothered by this, but I find myself almost needing people to be as passionate as I am. But life shows me that I have to just carry on with the passion I have, knowing it is neither too good or too bad and that is just me. I cry when others cry. I stress out easily. I feel pain and joy pretty intensely sometimes. That's just me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why do we love our cell phones so much?

Even I can remember back to the days when cell phones weren't around. I remember my mom getting one when they were first getting popular and it barely fit inside her purse. When it rang, it made an awful noise and punching the buttons alarmed everyone you were making a phone call. Now, every corner you turn, every other commercial you see... is about the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Not only do they now have cameras and video capability, we can TEXT, we can calculate, we can play games, we can buy ringtones of our favorite songs... the list goes on.

But first off, I must say I really do love my cell phone. Especially my new one. I love the fact that you can call anyone anywhere. In case you are in a pickle on the side of the road, you have your trusty friend to help you get in touch with someone to help you. When you're bored in class, you can text your friends (not like I ever do that though, ha!) and it allows you to stay in constant contact with the people you love most.

But I am often reminded of a certain pet peeve I have. This is not saying I've never done this. But I hate when I am hanging out with a friend and all they do is text someone else. To me, this is basically saying... you are not as important as this other person. I would rather be with them, but since I'm with you, I will just keep constantly talking gibberish with them. More times than not, it is the person's significant other and don't even get me started on that. So why do we do this? Why texters, must we keep in contact with our 50 other friends while we are spending quality time with someone? Sure, making sure plans for later are still on is fine... but do you really need to have a full on textual conversation while you are attempting to have a real one, in real life?

Here's another one that I do: I keep my phone with me constantly. Now bear in mind, if I never called or texted anyone during the day... I might get a few texts and perhaps one call. People don't usually call me, so why do I feel as if I will dieeee if my phone is not always in my hands?

Hopefully no one will take offense and I hope no harm is done. Just sayin', when you're with someone... put the phone down. Enjoy living in the moment and try to remember the simple days when our cell phones weren't glued to our hands.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I'm Lovin' Today!

Anyone else love The Real World on MTV? I've watched just about every season since I was 14 and I've been trying to catch up on the newest in Cancun... I was sent this link of behind the scenes videos and information on their job with StudentCity Traveling company.


StudentCity Blogs! Click here!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A List

So after returning from vacation, I guess I've just felt a bit gloomy lately. I let the stress of every day life get to me lately so I am writing a list of a few things that always make me feel better.

Be sure to comment with yours. :)

1. A hot shower.

2. Meeting new people... I'm the type of person who avoids this because I get nervous, but in the end they are usually worth meeting and I have a good time.

3. One word: chocolate.

4. A great day with a good friend that I can tell anything to.

5. Getting to sleep in.

6. A good comedy.. I love watching movies with my boyfriend.

The list goes on... but I'd like to hear about yours.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Feeling Shopping Squashed

A funny thing has been happening to me lately. My urge to shop is *gasp* dwindling. I've written before on my not-quite-but-semi-close-to-"Confessions of a Shopaholic" addiction to shopping. I think I started to realize this love was dying on my birthday this year. My mom set it up so we could go to a shopping mall called Barefoot Landing.

Once we were there, it just felt... slightly boring. Maybe it was the fact my boyfriend was with me and I hate to make him wait around while I shop for girly things (I did buy a divine purse though!) or the fact I just felt like most of the stores were the same. I never thought I would be bored of shopping... it's what I do when I am bored for God's sake!

Today I decided I needed to get rid of some of my old clothes that were sitting in my basement collecting dust. I headed over to Plato's Closet to see if I could get some money back for some... and looked at all the clothes while I waited. I must say I found some cute things and some for just $5! But as I looked through them... I thought, well I'd have to try it on, I don't want to, $5 is $5 and I could be spending it elsewhere or saving it... yes, saving it. Perhaps this also has to do with the fact I saw my savings accounts dwindle from having to pay my looovely college summer bill.

Regardless, I am happy to have seemingly turned over a new leaf. Perhaps now I won't be buying useless things and enjoy what I do have. Perhaps I can save money. We'll see.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back from Vacation!

Just arrived home late last night from my vacation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I must say I am happy to be home but not so happy to be back to reality... it is always nice to get away for a while. Here's my vacation in a nutshell:

Went to the beach every day to swim and tan. Rocked around in a little inflatable boat while everyone made fun of my facial expressions.

Spent a lot of time with my 3 favorite boys... my boyfriend, Kevin, and my two (almost 12 year old) neighbor boys.

Watched the sunset on a pier.

Went to Myrtle Beach for my birthday. Bought a lovely purse. Went to a nice dinner and did one of those crazy putt putt golf games.

Watched movies, relaxed, ate, tanned... all the things that make you sit back and enjoy life. Vacations are there to release you from the daily grind and to let you do whatever it is you really want to do. Throw in two very.. I mean very... long car rides which throw you off a bit, and you'll have everything you want in a getaway. That is what I found.

Anyone else been on a great vacation lately?