Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop "Half-listening"

When is the last time you really listened? When you heard something you weren't expecting? Last night while in the car heading home from a short Chicago trip, I was listening to my I-pod. For once, I was really listening. I began to notice other singers in the background, the soft changing of beats and tempos, in a song I have probably listened to hundreds of times. But it sounded like the first time.

It got me thinking. How many times I "half listen" to people. Whether I'm uninterested, busy with something else, or just plain not listening as carefully as I should... it makes me wonder. What am I missing? Often, to get to the root of a problem or a story or anything, you have to dig deeper than what is on the surface. By "half listening", walking away when someone is talking and pretending as if I'm listening, what am I missing? Missing their expression and maybe what they are really saying rather than what I think they are.

So, hey you! Go out there and really listen. Whether it is your favorite song, your parents, nature, or your best friend. See what life is trying to tell you.

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