Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to do On my Own

So since lately I've been feeling like I have to become my own best friend and have to deal with not so many girl friends to hang out's a list of things I can do on my own to enjoy myself when everyone else is busy and I am left to my own devices. Also, trying to think of things that cost no money or very little. I mostly sit around and watch TV or movies or surf the web so I was also trying to think of different things. Feel free to add!

-Head over to a book store, peruse, and sit and read
-Go to a yoga class or simply do a yoga DVD I already own
-Work out...I need to start getting back into shape after a winter of laziness. When it is a little warmer I can go on walks, bike rides, runs, or roll around on roller blades...but for now I can go work out at the gym or inside I suppose.
-Walk around shops (but not buy anything or only things I need! This one is dangerous...)
-Keep up on this blog and other's blogs! :)
-Go to a movie by myself or out to lunch alone and bring a book or magazine

Anything you love doing alone?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving On

I am trying to accept that people change and move on. This has always been one of my hardest struggles in life. What has happened lately in my life is that one of my best friends who goes away to school has just stopped talking to me out of the blue. I know she's way busy, but something else is wrong besides time management to ignore someone's texts/calls/Facebook messages and comments for over a month.

This has sent me into a spiral of W's...why? what did I do wrong? etc., etc. I've asked a bunch of others for advice and only gotten "Wow, that's weird", "Maybe she's mad at you and can't find the words", or "She must be too busy". But none of those answers really make your heart feel better when you feel like someone you've been through so much with and considered a great friend doesn't care about you anymore. This isn't really the first time something like this has happened to me. People lose touch or stop caring or decide they don't have time for you anymore.

Now is my time to sit back, stop trying so hard, and accept whatever. If she decides to contact me again...we'll see how it goes. But for now, I am focusing on other great people in my life and working on the greatest friend I have: myself.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm in love with this!

Wishing for Spring

I'm currently lying in my bed, half-listening to "The Office" deleted scenes, and knowing that a winter blizzard is whizzing by outside. Another snowy day and my internship is cancelled today. While the snow is beautiful, it just makes me long even more for spring weather.

Here is a list of things I miss about warmer weather:
  • The sun shining and making you feel happy/wearing sunglasses
  • Flip flops! my favorite.
  • Being able to do things comfortable outside, like riding my bike and going for long walks with the boy
  • Going to the park
  • Swimming
  • Writing and doing homework outside
  • Slurpees!
Ahhh, the list could go on. I am so ready for less snow and more sun.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two is Better Than One

"Sometimes I feel like it's you and me against the world".

My boy said that to me the other day when I was talking about someone disappointing me. He said I'm the only person who has never disappointed him. I don't know if that's perfectly true, but it was a sweet sentiment and it made me think. Don't you need that one person? I'll admit, I hold the people in my life to high standards and I get frustrated and disappointed at times when they don't treat me the way I think they should or something like that.

I need him and he needs me. I need him because he is always there to listen after the world lets me down. He lets me know that everything is okay and that he's there. And sometimes that is really all I need. I think we all need someone like that. It may not be a significant other, it could be a parent or a friend...but we need someone that is always there. Who needs us just as much as we need them.

As I was typing this, this song came to mind. It is a great one. :)

The Answers!

Here are the answers! There were only a few so far, but I didn't want to keep those people who asked hanging... so feel free to keep asking and I'll keep answering. :)

What did you have for breakfast today?

Well, most days I have either cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite!) or a granola bar. Today I was babysitting and had to get up early so I grabbed a chocolate chip granola bar.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I have always loved writing and chose it as a career path in college. About a year ago, I started to get into other people's blogs from one of my journalism classes. My teacher was always showing us new blogs and talking about them. So I looked into a few different sites and decided on blogger and began writing. I had been putting some blog type entries on Facebook Notes so I just started using my blog and began from there. I had no idea that anyone would read it, let alone like it!

Favorite book/movie/band?

Hmmm, tough ones! I have many, many favorites of each! My favorite type of book are girly but funny. My favorite author at the moment is Sophie Kinsella and I just finished reading all her books. A book I've always called my favorite is "This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen too.

I always tell people my favorite movie is "Anchorman" when they ask. I can recite it by heart and I love Will Ferrell. I'm not sure if that is still my favorite. But my favorite genre of movies are romantic comedies and pure comedies (I may seem innocent, but I love those dirty comedies like "The Hangover"!)

My favorite band was Relient K for years and years. I've seen them in concert around six times and met them once. I still love them but right now the music I've been listening to (it changes a lot) is Regina Spektor, John Mayer, and I am obsessed with "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. :)

What is your favorite color?

Light blue or teal and pink!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking About the Future

The future has been on my mind a lot lately. Graduation is something that doesn't seem so far away (December 2010!) and the ideas of graduation from college, finding a job that I love, and moving forward with my life are both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

The bad thing is I feel like I will be back-tracking for a while. When my lease is up in May, I'm most likely moving back in with my parents until the time comes of graduation and getting a job in which I can afford to be on my own, for real. It is so tough trying to decide things months in advance. My roommate doesn't graduate until next spring and she's thinking of graduate school so obviously she wants to sign a long lease. But, my parents won't pay my rent after December. I'd hate to sign a lease on the good faith I'll have a decent paying job in 2011 or that I'll be able to save enough money so I won't be broke all the time. I wouldn't want to do that to myself or to my roommate, since if I can't afford it on my own, she'd be forced to find someone else on short notice next winter. So, it has been a bit of a frustrating time trying to compromise and figure out what is going to be best for the both of us.

So the other day I decided to simply make a pro/con list. Because lists are fabulous. :)

Moving back home with my parents:

1. Save Money (Even though they are paying for rent, I would be saving money spent on utility bills, groceries, cleaning products, etc.)
2. Save gas money and be closer to things like my boyfriend, work, etc.
3. Not have to deal with noisy and weird neighbors
4. Won’t have to make as many meals for myself and things like that
5. Won’t have to deal with living with someone who isn’t as neat as I am (nothing against her, we are just different in those ways...I wish I wasn't such a clean freak :-/)
6. My parents said they will buy me a new, bigger TV for my room (I don’t really care about this because the TV I have now was a present from my deceased grandpa, but it just feels like it should go in the pro section)
7. Won’t have the possibility of accidentally screwing over my roommate in case I can’t make enough money when I graduate

1. Less freedom (I’d like to think my parents would be more relaxed with things, but it would still be different than not having anyone to tell what I’m doing or have absolute privacy)
2. Less privacy
3. Have to share a bathroom again (I hated sharing one with my dad!)
4. Have to listen to my dad’s snoring
5. Farther away from school again (I have mostly online classes though so this isn’t that terrible)
6. Will have to move all my things again
7. More opportunities to argue with my parents (Now it is a great relationship because I don’t see them as much, but when living with them again comes into play, arguments are bound to come up)

So it is a lot to think about. Anyone have tips about living situations, graduation, getting a job, thinking about the future, etc.?

Also! Don't forget to ask me some questions. I'm waiting for a few more before I post an answer entry...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Review Part 2

Just wanted to share something. Remember my book review from a few weeks back? Now it is up on her website and in her February Newsletter (that I helped work on as well). I intern for Sandra and I think you should check out her revamped website and see my review there. :)

And don't forget to ask me a question. Once there are a few I will answer them in a post. Thanks everyone - have fun with it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ask me something!

I got this idea from a really cool blog, Teddy love Lu Loves Teddy. I hope they don't mind I'm being a copycat :x but I really liked this and thought it was a great chance to interact with my readers.

So here is your chance! Ask me anything (but please be appropriate and respectful, as I would be to you)! Just leave your comment and in a few days I will answer the questions in a post.

Thanks friends. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Weekend!

Just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day no matter who you spend it with! (Sometimes the best of days are spent treating yourself...) So lots of love to all my blogger friends!

And a big thank you to The Owl's Closet for a blog award!

A few new entries coming soon...probably early next week. :) In the meantime, check out my Facebook Fan page and my Twitter.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is...

In times like this its important to look around and celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate friends and to know life is always worth living.

Taken from a friend's Facebook status.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Love Poem

Image from f#$% yeah love. I looooove that quote! :)

Okay, I admit it. I'm a bit mushy at times. I try to hide it but deep down I know I am and especially with the boy in my life. Just thought I'd share a poem a wrote (kind of a while ago but still true nonetheless). I love being creative and just writing where my mind takes me, much of why I love this blog! I wish I was more musical though so I could set some of these writings to song but I just don't have that ability. Anyways, enjoy!

On another note, I would love to have another contest soon. Any ideas of what you'd like me to do?

through my indecisiveness you took me in,
you spun my world around and made me believe.
your smile is that sneaky midnight star outshining all the others.
your laugh is the soundtrack to my summer.
the silence reminds me that its the quiet ones that have the most profound things to say.
you must see the way i look at you that tells you i want you for more than just today.
as we sit through the blurred television screen set to a cinematic adventure, you kiss my head just to let me know it's alright.
and then with one pinch and a tickle fight begins, squirming and laughing and cheating and kissing.
if only the bliss could last forever and as our hands are locked i can see they fit and they might just fit forever.

Friday, February 5, 2010

You Never Know...

"I do not answer the call if I do not know who is calling...but I guess the whole point of it all is that you never know really..."

First of all, these are lyrics from Jason Mraz. He's one of my favorites. Second, that line is sooo me. Don't ask me why but the phone freaks me out sometimes. I don't like the thought of talking to someone I don't know on it. I don't know why, but I've always been that way. Caller ID really is a beautiful thing and if I don't recognize the number, chances are I'm not answering it!

Funny how that second part of the line goes...we never know really. If you're talking about phones, you could say even though it comes up as "Anna" calling, it might not be her. You never know. In life, it could be the same. You could sit around not letting anyone in that you don't already know, but you don't know what a difference that person could make in your life.

So maybe this teaches us to "answer the call" so to speak. Or be careful about who people really are. You could translate it a million different ways. Chances are Jason Mraz was just talking about phones... ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning about Living on my Own

I've been living in an apartment with a roommate for about 6 months now. Crazy! I remember wanting to move out sooo bad and being so excited when it finally happened. It turns out it isn't everything I thought it would be, but at the same time certain things are.

I'm definitely more responsible. I don't mind cleaning and doing things on my own and I'm more eager to help my parents when I'm around their house. I used to gripe and complain if my mom made me vacuum at home and now I realize how stupid that was.

Likewise I'm more independent because I know I can do these things on my own. Sure I need help with things sometimes, but I can feed myself and so on and so forth. The bad thing is though, lately it has been hard to be alone here. I used to always love having alone time to just chill and do my own thing. But I think at home it was okay because if I ever started thinking too much, my parents were in the next room and I could escape any loneliness that surfaced. But here, I really do feel too alone sometimes.

The roommate experience is definitely different than I pictured. I always pictured eating together every night and having someone to hang out with when I got too lonely and basically a way better sleepover than I used to have every night. I forgot the fact that schedules would clash, boyfriends would come around, and things would just happen like that and we wouldn't have all the time in the world. Sucks...but it is reality I guess.

Another good thing about moving out is I feel like my relationship with my parents has gotten way better. I don't see them all the time, so there is no time for petty arguments. I realize all the things they do for me and I genuinely enjoy spending time with them, even just watching TV and hanging out.

So all in all, I've learned that not everything will work out the way you hoped, I can take care of myself all by myself for the most part, my parents are great...the list goes on and on. I know all about noisy and crazy neighbors now. I know how to work that out. It really has been a love/hate relationship living on my own, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything and I can't wait to keep doing it.

Monday, February 1, 2010



Anyone who knows where this is from, gets a gold star.