Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving On

I am trying to accept that people change and move on. This has always been one of my hardest struggles in life. What has happened lately in my life is that one of my best friends who goes away to school has just stopped talking to me out of the blue. I know she's way busy, but something else is wrong besides time management to ignore someone's texts/calls/Facebook messages and comments for over a month.

This has sent me into a spiral of W's...why? what did I do wrong? etc., etc. I've asked a bunch of others for advice and only gotten "Wow, that's weird", "Maybe she's mad at you and can't find the words", or "She must be too busy". But none of those answers really make your heart feel better when you feel like someone you've been through so much with and considered a great friend doesn't care about you anymore. This isn't really the first time something like this has happened to me. People lose touch or stop caring or decide they don't have time for you anymore.

Now is my time to sit back, stop trying so hard, and accept whatever. If she decides to contact me again...we'll see how it goes. But for now, I am focusing on other great people in my life and working on the greatest friend I have: myself.


  1. Things change, it's the cycle of life. Sometimes it's so hard to accept but it's just the way it is.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Ugh, sort of the same thing is happening to me right now... Well, more like a best friend replacing me with someone else, which isn't quite the same, but still :P I have no idea why... And I know everyone says you're just supposed to move on, but how can you when there are so many amazing memories that you have together? How can you just forget them so easily, and how could she? It sucks. I guess after a while you do start to move on, but it's certainly not an easy process :/

  3. Thanks Rachel!

    And Natalie, I'm sorry that is happening to you. :-/ Sometimes there is no other way to put it besides people suck! haha. But anyways, hang in there and us blog friends must just stick together!


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