Monday, February 8, 2010

A Love Poem

Image from f#$% yeah love. I looooove that quote! :)

Okay, I admit it. I'm a bit mushy at times. I try to hide it but deep down I know I am and especially with the boy in my life. Just thought I'd share a poem a wrote (kind of a while ago but still true nonetheless). I love being creative and just writing where my mind takes me, much of why I love this blog! I wish I was more musical though so I could set some of these writings to song but I just don't have that ability. Anyways, enjoy!

On another note, I would love to have another contest soon. Any ideas of what you'd like me to do?

through my indecisiveness you took me in,
you spun my world around and made me believe.
your smile is that sneaky midnight star outshining all the others.
your laugh is the soundtrack to my summer.
the silence reminds me that its the quiet ones that have the most profound things to say.
you must see the way i look at you that tells you i want you for more than just today.
as we sit through the blurred television screen set to a cinematic adventure, you kiss my head just to let me know it's alright.
and then with one pinch and a tickle fight begins, squirming and laughing and cheating and kissing.
if only the bliss could last forever and as our hands are locked i can see they fit and they might just fit forever.


  1. wow, this is a great poem, lauren! u're very talented:)

  2. I love that picture/quote, very true. And wonderful poem :)

  3. Thank you all for such positive feedback!


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