Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to do On my Own

So since lately I've been feeling like I have to become my own best friend and have to deal with not so many girl friends to hang out's a list of things I can do on my own to enjoy myself when everyone else is busy and I am left to my own devices. Also, trying to think of things that cost no money or very little. I mostly sit around and watch TV or movies or surf the web so I was also trying to think of different things. Feel free to add!

-Head over to a book store, peruse, and sit and read
-Go to a yoga class or simply do a yoga DVD I already own
-Work out...I need to start getting back into shape after a winter of laziness. When it is a little warmer I can go on walks, bike rides, runs, or roll around on roller blades...but for now I can go work out at the gym or inside I suppose.
-Walk around shops (but not buy anything or only things I need! This one is dangerous...)
-Keep up on this blog and other's blogs! :)
-Go to a movie by myself or out to lunch alone and bring a book or magazine

Anything you love doing alone?

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  1. If I have the Internet, that can be my source of entertainment for hours and hours on end haha! Seriously, I think I've watched about a gajillion hours of YouTube videos, commented on zillion blogs, and so on and so forth... Or just read haha ;D


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