Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning about Living on my Own

I've been living in an apartment with a roommate for about 6 months now. Crazy! I remember wanting to move out sooo bad and being so excited when it finally happened. It turns out it isn't everything I thought it would be, but at the same time certain things are.

I'm definitely more responsible. I don't mind cleaning and doing things on my own and I'm more eager to help my parents when I'm around their house. I used to gripe and complain if my mom made me vacuum at home and now I realize how stupid that was.

Likewise I'm more independent because I know I can do these things on my own. Sure I need help with things sometimes, but I can feed myself and so on and so forth. The bad thing is though, lately it has been hard to be alone here. I used to always love having alone time to just chill and do my own thing. But I think at home it was okay because if I ever started thinking too much, my parents were in the next room and I could escape any loneliness that surfaced. But here, I really do feel too alone sometimes.

The roommate experience is definitely different than I pictured. I always pictured eating together every night and having someone to hang out with when I got too lonely and basically a way better sleepover than I used to have every night. I forgot the fact that schedules would clash, boyfriends would come around, and things would just happen like that and we wouldn't have all the time in the world. Sucks...but it is reality I guess.

Another good thing about moving out is I feel like my relationship with my parents has gotten way better. I don't see them all the time, so there is no time for petty arguments. I realize all the things they do for me and I genuinely enjoy spending time with them, even just watching TV and hanging out.

So all in all, I've learned that not everything will work out the way you hoped, I can take care of myself all by myself for the most part, my parents are great...the list goes on and on. I know all about noisy and crazy neighbors now. I know how to work that out. It really has been a love/hate relationship living on my own, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything and I can't wait to keep doing it.


  1. hi lauren!

    my favorite thing about moving out was my relationship with my parents. i think it's easier to appreciate them and all the things they do for you when you actually get a chance to miss them :).

    glad you popped by my blog to say hello!

    the other lauren


  2. I definitely agree. Thanks for stopping by as well. :)

  3. I can't wait to move out and experience life on my own, but yet I'm kind of hesitant too at the same time! And yeah, I know I probably don't appreciate all that my parents do for me quite enough, so once I do move out I'll definitely have to learn a thing or two!

  4. hey, i just found your blog and this was the first post i read. it was really eye-opening for me because I can't wait till i move out too, and find an apartment or house of my own. this certainly put things into perspective :)

  5. Hey Lucy, welcome! Moving out definitely has pros and cons but I think it is an experience you need so best of luck with everything!

  6. i couldn't agree more, lauren! i felt similar when i first moved out. it was such an exciting time:D thank u for sharing ur experience with us:)

  7. .. Hola..

    .. Just sayin' for me its hard to feel lonely. I think and over think about thinking of things that I get to think but I never think about being lonely while thinking.. you know what am sayin? (gangsta look)

    anyway thats cool you moved out!! Sometimes I feel that when my mom is not here (traveling) me and my dad are like roommates in the house.. he comes in and out when working and me in and out when in school.. and we do the cleaning when we can and the cooking for the weeks worth.. But once my mom comes back we go back to normal family and is when I want to move out... (not because of cleaning) but because of "freedom" to come home at anytime, with out getting calls about where am at or what am doing... and that is when I want to move out...


  8. Hey Hector! That's cool that you and your dad have a relationship like roommates! But I know what you mean...the freedom of living on your own is very nice. You don't really have to tell anyone where you're going and don't have to be back because your mom is worrying about you.. lol.


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