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Hello! My name is Lauren and I'm so happy that you've stumbled upon my blog. This blog is all about my thoughts, experiences, and is pleased to give out encouraging words, advice, and share cool new products. My favorite things to write about are relationships, friendships, love, and technology. You'll find many things in my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

I'm a college graduate. I studied Journalism. I'm an only child who currently lives in an apartment with a roommate. I have many wonderful friends and a dog named Hannah, who lives with my parents. I used to have a rat named Buddy.

Please feel free to email me anytime at lrstewar@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter @lrstewar, or find Lauren's Thoughts on Facebook.

Please feel free to e-mail me about anything (including sponsorship, I'm always accepting sponsors) at lrstewar {at} gmail.com. :)

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  1. Hello Lauren, it is so nice to learn about the simplicity in your expression, the warm thoughts just for others to get encouraged and advised, and the cheerful life (Anyone can feel so through your radiant smiles and wish you better and better for ever!)you have with an adorable boyfriend and caring parents.

    What I have been immediately impressed by is that your blog is PURELY CREATIVE WRITING and YOUR OWN OPINIONS!

    I can't promise but will certainly try my best not to miss your posts, cos I too love creative writing flavoured by humour to make readers laugh[:D]and sometimes SHOUT[:(]. I will soon have such a blog of mine. And, I wish you to dare to visit it in near future, would you? :))

  2. Hey there! I recently stumbled upon your blog and was a little weirded out at what we have in common. Our names, for one thing. The fact that we both recently graduated with a degree in journalism, have long-term boyfriends and aren't financially independent yet.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to creep you out. I recently started a blog myself and just wanted to say hi!


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