Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter - Great Deal on Glasses!

Today I want to share an awesome coupon with you! Glasses USA has glasses and sunglasses for really great prices. For Easter, they are doing a special promo for 50% off and free shipping on everything!

So if you need some new frames, click below and grab this deal before it ends Sunday!

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Oh and Happy Easter! Have a great holiday! 
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update On Me: New Job!

For anyone who cares, I thought I'd share an update on my life. It has been a while and I am sorry I haven't been more motivated to post besides guest posts that come my way or my weekly workouts. I did post an update at the beginning of the month and things have certainly changed since then!

I got a part-time job! Honestly, I was starting to get extremely stressed out and on the cusp of depressed thinking about not being able to afford moving out and my freelance jobs weren't as steady as I wanted them to be. Moving out should be exciting, and it was (still is) but I was just stressed out wondering if my work would pick up and what I would do when the eventual ups and downs of hours and money occurred with extra expenses. So I began doing some job searching and interestingly enough, I only had two call backs and interviews with Chiropractor offices.

The first one was a disaster. Think a (surprise) group interview (I thought it was individual) with about 40 people and the job and workplace just didn't really seem like a good fit for me. I was discouraged. I somewhat gave up on applying. Then I got a call back from another Chiropractor. The office is very close to my house and had interesting hours (open about 20-30 hours a week and on long days there is a few hour break in between the day) so I headed to the interview. I figured it couldn't hurt. Because of my extreme nervousness, I try to go into nerve-racking situations such as interviews with a good attitude but reminding myself that if it goes horribly or I don't get the job, it wasn't meant to be.

Long story short, the interview went well and I got an email then call later in the week that I got the job! I started last week as a Chiropractor Assistant. It is a very small office but busy. I love that it is only a few days a week and on long days I have a break so I can keep on top of my freelance work. I love that I can wear comfy scrubs and how it saves time getting ready in the morning. I've been working with patients mostly, helping them with heating pads on their back, assisting the doctor when she adjust them, etc. It is definitely different from any job I've had but I like that I can stay on my feet since I am on my computer so much at home. I like it so far and enjoy the change of pace. Of course there are upsides and downsides that hopefully I can share here. But think upsides: amazingly kind and sweet patients. Downsides: amazingly cranky patients and gross tasks... a lady came in and we realized she had lice. I'm still itching thinking about it.

Pink Scrubs! Did I mention my favorite show is "Scrubs"? Also that is not my bedroom...
Right now I have a few weeks off while the doctor heads on a cruise so hopefully I can stay busy with my freelance work for a while and enjoy some extra free time. Let's hope I don't forget everything I just learned! I'll try to update this blog more too. I've still been really wanting to revamp my eating habits and haven't really done well with it. This morning, I got up and went to Starbucks for breakfast (how ridiculous is it that there were about 12 cars in line at the drive thru at 10 am?! Not even the normal before work rush!) and realized that I inhaled about 16 teaspoons of sugar with a drink and a scone! Guess what the American Heart Association recommends for women for the ENTIRE day? 5 teaspoons! So I ate triple the amount in ONE MEAL. Yuck. More on that later.

Thanks for listening,
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Workouts 3/18-3/24

Monday 3/18: Ran/walked on the treadmill and did arm exercises with 3 lb weights while walking. Also did "Skinny Bitch" Ab Workout DVD.

Tuesday 3/19: Rest day.

Wednesday 3/20: Ran on the treadmill for a mile and did some squats, lunges, reverse lunges, crunches and oblique crunches.

Thursday 3/21: Rest day.

Friday 3/22: Rest day. I know I have a lot of rest days but this was a really busy week... more on that later!

Saturday 3/23: Planned to work out this day but didn't get to it! Argh...

Sunday 3/24: Blah, didn't work out today either!

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

Join me on Fitocracy! On Fitocracy you can see my full workouts - I'd love to see yours too!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Trends of the Season

With fickle trends coming and going, seemingly at a rate of knots, it can sometimes be tricky to keep up with what's in vogue - particularly for guys who aren't dedicated followers of fashion. However, with spring on its way, it's time to put away the scarves and gloves, which means a wardrobe update for the new season - here are a few tips on how to refresh your look for spring 2013, and stay on-trend. 

Colour will be big this spring, as it's all about breaking free of the drab winter months and leaving behind neutral tones like grey, black and brown. Liven up your everyday wardrobe with colourful chinos in shades of tan, navy blue and burgundy, and opt for t-shirts and thin knit sweaters in lighter, pastel tones. 

Turtle necks
You don’t have to be a high-fashion enthusiast to sport a turtle neck this spring. In fact, this one-time fisherman’s choice is making its way back onto the high street and into the wardrobes of Britain’s sharpest dressers. For best results, pair a turtle neck top in a shade like moss green or maroon with a dark blue blazer to provide a subtle colour contrast. For stylish turtle necks that will look just as good in the office as at a swanky restaurant, check out the latest collections from All Saints and Ralph Lauren. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with velvet in the coming season, as a stylish velvet blazer is perfect for dressing up with a shirt and trousers, or dressing down with jeans and a plain t-shirt. If you're concerned that velvet is a bit too adventurous for your tastes, don't worry: you're in good company. Velvet is the fabric of choice for Les Miserables star Eddie Redmayne, who wore a fantastic blue velvet suit to the world premiere of the much-praised musical. 

If you're planning a big shopping session in time for spring, make payment quick, easy and hassle-free with American Express. Accepted at a host of top retailers on the high street and online, American Express credit cards offer security and peace of mind with online fraud and purchase protection, as well as a host of exclusive membership rewards and benefits, from extra Nectar points to cashback. For more information, and to apply online within just 10 minutes, visit American Express UK

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Workouts 3/11-3/17

Monday 3/11: Did Zumba for 30 minutes then did some exercises with my Kettlebell and planks.

Tuesday 3/12: Did the "Skinny Bitch" Ab Workout DVD then ran/walked on the treadmill for 2 miles. Used 3 lb. weights to do arm workouts while walking.

Wednesday 3/13: Rest day.

Thursday 3/14: Ran/walked (only a little) 2 miles on the treadmill.

Friday 3/15: Danced at night!

Saturday 3/16: Rest day.

Sunday 3/17: Also a rest day... took the weekend off. Hope to start my workouts again this week!

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

Join me on Fitocracy! On Fitocracy you can see my full workouts - I'd love to see yours too!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Workouts 3/4-3/10

Monday 3/4: Did Zumba toning with 2 lb. weights for 30 minutes then yoga for 20 minutes.

Tuesday 3/5: Tried my "Skinny Bitch" Workout DVD (got it for really cheap at Best Buy a while back). I did Abs and Butt for a total 40 minute workout. I liked it! Only bad thing about DVDs like that is I can't really track them on Fitocracy...

Wednesday 3/6: Rest day.

Thursday 3/7: I did the "Skinny Bitch" Workout DVD Arms section for 20 minutes and then did 30 minutes of Just Dance Just Sweat.

Friday 3/8: Zumba toning with 2 lb. weights.

Saturday 3/9: Ran/walked outside for 1.65 miles then did 15 minutes of yoga.

Sunday 3/10: Rest day.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

Join me on Fitocracy! On Fitocracy you can see my full workouts - I'd love to see yours too!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Love is Different for Everyone

Love is different for everyone. Relationships aren't always the same. Sometimes relationships start with an intense crush. You have to have that person. They make your heart race when you see them. These relationships are great at the start, but often they fizzle. The best kind of relationships are the ones that creep slowly. The person you don't always notice at first. Who slowly comes into your life. The more you spend time with this person, the more you fall for them.

What do you think? How did you meet that special person in your life?

Speaking of love... a special happy birthday wish to the boy in my life! Happy 24th Birthday - I'm so happy to celebrate with you today! Let's all send birthday wishes to Kev!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Pinteresting! Weekly Faves

I'll admit... when I first heard of Pinterest, I thought it sounded stupid and too much of a time-suck. Well, it is a time-suck because it is so addicting! I'm now obsessed and just got my mom signed up on it too! Here's what I've been pinning and loving lately:

Since I'm hopefully getting an apartment soon, I've been obsessed with looking up organization and decorations for small apartments! Here are some great ones I found on Pinterest:

Here are some other pins I've been loving: 

Why haven't I thought of that? Definitely trying this soon!

Love finding DIY cleaning supplies! Can't wait to make some...

Can someone find me a pink typewriter? So awesome!

I love all the recipes you can find on Pinterest. I want to try these so bad!

What have you been pinning/loving lately? Let's share! Follow me on Pinterest to connect!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An End to Blogging?

You may have noticed more silence around this blog. I feel like I have been a little uninterested in blogging here lately. I love reading blogs about people's lives but I don't always feel comfortable sharing much here. For a blog that is supposed to be my own, I often feel stifled by it. I feel I can't really write much about my personal life or fun times because what if professionals who would potentially hire me think it is inappropriate? Or I stop and think well I wouldn't want my family reading that... or my co-workers... or when I do share my real feelings, I offend a friend by accident.

So you imagine my frustrations for something that is supposed to be an outlet.

I guess another part of it is laziness. I don't take pictures as often as I should. Or I don't think my life is that interesting to share. Yet, I am interested in the random musings and outing of random people. So hopefully you all are more interested in my life than I think! ;)

I am happy with my recent postings chronically my exercise habits weekly. I am hoping to share more with you! I do have sponsored posts from time to time and I hope you don't mind (I am a broke twenty something after all!). So here's an update - I hope to bring you more updates on my life and pictures too! Let me know what you want to read from me too!

Exciting news! If you've followed my blog for a while or know me, you know that I lived in an apartment with a friend in 2009. For the past few years, I've lived with my parents. While, I love my house and it is great to save money, I am definitely ready for a change. My friend Jenette and I have been looking at apartments and found a place I think we want to apply to.

Future roomie and I (I'm on the left!)
It is so exciting but nerve-racking at the same time! I am trying to save money like crazy in anticipation of more bills. Speaking of saving money - I do have some money saving goals. If you also know me, you know I am definitely a spender, not a saver! I love shopping and buying things. Not good when you don't make a ton of money!

So for the next few months (and definitely after I have an apartment) I am really tracking my spending. I have been writing down every single thing I spend money on and how much to see how much I really spend in a month. I often get my nails done or get facials and I am putting a stop to that, at least for now. I also plan to really control how much money I spend on food and limit myself to stop eating out so much.

Luckily, the freelance jobs have been pretty steady lately. My goal is to hopefully have 30-40 hours a week. I've also been looking into part-time jobs to make extra money but I'm not quite sure on that yet.

Cheers to changes and more updates from me! Please share my blog if you love it! :)

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Workouts 2/25-3/3

Old pic but me bundled up for an outside run looking goofy!
Monday 2/25: I did Zumba toning for 30 minutes with 2 lb weights.

Tuesday 2/26: I alternated between running and walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes then did 5 minutes on the Elliptical. I did some arm exercises with 3 lb. weights while walking. I also did some ab workouts.

Wednesday 2/27: Day off.

Thursday 2/28: I did Zumba toning again for 30 minutes with 2 lb weights.

Friday 3/1: Went on the Recumbent bike for a mile then walked on the treadmill for a mile while using some 3 lb. weights.

Saturday 3/2: Ran/walked on the treadmill for a little over 20 minutes. Used the 3 lb weights for arm exercises while walking. Also used my mom's Ab Slide which was equal to 30 sit ups I believe. Also danced my heart out at night for a few hours! :)

Sunday 3/3: Day off.

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

Join me on Fitocracy! On Fitocracy you can see my full workouts - I'd love to see yours too!

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