Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Pinteresting! Weekly Faves

I'll admit... when I first heard of Pinterest, I thought it sounded stupid and too much of a time-suck. Well, it is a time-suck because it is so addicting! I'm now obsessed and just got my mom signed up on it too! Here's what I've been pinning and loving lately:

Since I'm hopefully getting an apartment soon, I've been obsessed with looking up organization and decorations for small apartments! Here are some great ones I found on Pinterest:

Here are some other pins I've been loving: 

Why haven't I thought of that? Definitely trying this soon!

Love finding DIY cleaning supplies! Can't wait to make some...

Can someone find me a pink typewriter? So awesome!

I love all the recipes you can find on Pinterest. I want to try these so bad!

What have you been pinning/loving lately? Let's share! Follow me on Pinterest to connect!

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