Friday, July 10, 2009

A List

So after returning from vacation, I guess I've just felt a bit gloomy lately. I let the stress of every day life get to me lately so I am writing a list of a few things that always make me feel better.

Be sure to comment with yours. :)

1. A hot shower.

2. Meeting new people... I'm the type of person who avoids this because I get nervous, but in the end they are usually worth meeting and I have a good time.

3. One word: chocolate.

4. A great day with a good friend that I can tell anything to.

5. Getting to sleep in.

6. A good comedy.. I love watching movies with my boyfriend.

The list goes on... but I'd like to hear about yours.


  1. I wrote a post about this a while back:

    That has some of my favourite ways to rescue a bad day. In fact, making the list itself made me feel so much better, I recall!

    Other things guaranteed to make me feel good:

    Yoga, either inside or outside in the sun on my patio

    A run

    Getting goodies in the mail - today I got two DVDs from Amazon I've been waiting for

    The awesome salad bar in my work cafeteria - Friday is my cafeteria day, all other days I bring lunch

    Sitting in the sun with a new book

    Going to the library

    Watching Frasier or something else really funny

    Curling my hair

    Hope the post holiday blues vanish soon - coming back to real life always sucks a bit :D

  2. I definitely like the list. :) Thanks!

  3. A good movie

    Creating some art

    Playing Luxor

    Floating in the pool

    Reading a book


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