Monday, July 6, 2009

Feeling Shopping Squashed

A funny thing has been happening to me lately. My urge to shop is *gasp* dwindling. I've written before on my not-quite-but-semi-close-to-"Confessions of a Shopaholic" addiction to shopping. I think I started to realize this love was dying on my birthday this year. My mom set it up so we could go to a shopping mall called Barefoot Landing.

Once we were there, it just felt... slightly boring. Maybe it was the fact my boyfriend was with me and I hate to make him wait around while I shop for girly things (I did buy a divine purse though!) or the fact I just felt like most of the stores were the same. I never thought I would be bored of shopping... it's what I do when I am bored for God's sake!

Today I decided I needed to get rid of some of my old clothes that were sitting in my basement collecting dust. I headed over to Plato's Closet to see if I could get some money back for some... and looked at all the clothes while I waited. I must say I found some cute things and some for just $5! But as I looked through them... I thought, well I'd have to try it on, I don't want to, $5 is $5 and I could be spending it elsewhere or saving it... yes, saving it. Perhaps this also has to do with the fact I saw my savings accounts dwindle from having to pay my looovely college summer bill.

Regardless, I am happy to have seemingly turned over a new leaf. Perhaps now I won't be buying useless things and enjoy what I do have. Perhaps I can save money. We'll see.

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