Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why do we love our cell phones so much?

Even I can remember back to the days when cell phones weren't around. I remember my mom getting one when they were first getting popular and it barely fit inside her purse. When it rang, it made an awful noise and punching the buttons alarmed everyone you were making a phone call. Now, every corner you turn, every other commercial you see... is about the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Not only do they now have cameras and video capability, we can TEXT, we can calculate, we can play games, we can buy ringtones of our favorite songs... the list goes on.

But first off, I must say I really do love my cell phone. Especially my new one. I love the fact that you can call anyone anywhere. In case you are in a pickle on the side of the road, you have your trusty friend to help you get in touch with someone to help you. When you're bored in class, you can text your friends (not like I ever do that though, ha!) and it allows you to stay in constant contact with the people you love most.

But I am often reminded of a certain pet peeve I have. This is not saying I've never done this. But I hate when I am hanging out with a friend and all they do is text someone else. To me, this is basically saying... you are not as important as this other person. I would rather be with them, but since I'm with you, I will just keep constantly talking gibberish with them. More times than not, it is the person's significant other and don't even get me started on that. So why do we do this? Why texters, must we keep in contact with our 50 other friends while we are spending quality time with someone? Sure, making sure plans for later are still on is fine... but do you really need to have a full on textual conversation while you are attempting to have a real one, in real life?

Here's another one that I do: I keep my phone with me constantly. Now bear in mind, if I never called or texted anyone during the day... I might get a few texts and perhaps one call. People don't usually call me, so why do I feel as if I will dieeee if my phone is not always in my hands?

Hopefully no one will take offense and I hope no harm is done. Just sayin', when you're with someone... put the phone down. Enjoy living in the moment and try to remember the simple days when our cell phones weren't glued to our hands.


  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts... Just thought I'd let you know that someone out here is reading you.

  2. Why thank you! I love readers and comments! :)

  3. Hey I like your blog and I get annoyed too when my mates are always texting when they're with me. But I guess I am a textaholic too. I feel as if the world will end if I don't have my Blackberry curve with me, or if I don't text someone back.
    Keep blogging ;)


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