Monday, December 14, 2009

A Note to Myself

Here's a note to myself (to be used in a future date when I am feeling gloomy, sad, or just don't feel like being me):

  • There are people out there that find me beautiful. They don't see my flaws like I do. They somehow see things I can't.
  • My parents and my family love me. They show it in different ways but there are a handful of family members, especially my mom and dad I can always count on. My grandma prays for me also and that is comforting.
  • Even when I don't feel like it, I have friends that care about me and think I'm great. No matter how busy life gets, I know I've found best friends who will still be there to make me laugh and share good and bad times with.
  • I truly believe I will be successful one day. Fate will work it's magic with me. I've found what I love and that is all that matters.


  1. These reminders are so helpful...I have one I wrote to myself before starting grad school, because I knew at some point I'd be questioning why I chose this path.

  2. this is such a wonderful post, lauren!:) thanks for sharing some much needed inspiration:)

  3. That's a good idea Amanda - what are you going to grad school for?

    Owls - And thanks! :)

  4. That's definitely a great idea, keeping in mind all of the things that we have to be happy about. It's perfect for those terrible days where you just feel like everything is going wrong! Having amazing family and friends make everything better :)

  5. dont worry, be happy...

    hello lauren =):

    its been a while since i've comment you. just hoping you are well and your christmas plans are coming accordingly to your heart's content. be well, hope to hear from you.


  6. Thank you Liz and guys are too sweet. Hope you're having great holidays.. :)

  7. hi, lauren! thx for ur comment on my blog:) i agree, i love, love handbags, too lol! definitely, check out the site when u get the chance. it's too fun:D
    Cleaning out my closet:

  8. Good way to keep stuff in perspective.

    I don't think I thanked you via email- forgive me:/ I do appreciate you answering me, thanks sweetie

  9. I will definitely check that site out later! :)

    And you're very welcome Steph!


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