Saturday, December 5, 2009

A quick note!

I apologize for the lack of postings lately. I have been too busy. Yesterday for example, I babysat from 8am-2:30 then went to work after until 8pm. I totally crashed afterwards. Next week I have finals, so hopefully I can squeeze in a post between studying, but if not, see you guys in Christmas break!

In the meantime, check out my store on Amazon. Lots of old CDs, books, and random things... :)


  1. Ugh finals are killing me! I don't think I'll be blogging much either the next two weeks, but hey, that's what us scholars have to go through! lol good luck on your finals girl :)

  2. Thanks loves! Good luck to all of you fellow students too! I have an interview tomorrow it shall be an interesting week...


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