Thursday, September 6, 2012

Running On and On

For me, motivation comes and goes. Pinterest has been helping lately actually to get me motivated to run and work out. I love browsing the Health and Fitness Boards on Pinterest. Check mine out! ;) I've been working towards running a 5k, although I haven't signed up for any yet, I hope to soon!

Here are some ah-ha moments I've had about running and fitness:

  1. I get a lot of tension in my neck and back working at a computer all day. I've found that running can help release that.
  2. Exercise helps you feel better and is a motivator to eat healthier as well!
  3. Running can be very difficult but it is a great stress reliever for me and I enjoy working towards running faster and longer. Even those hard runs help me feel like I accomplished something.
  4. Exercise is great, but don't push too hard. I like to take days off from running where I do yoga or simply rest if I feel that I am too sore.
What are your ah-ha moments on motivation and exercise? 


  1. I agree! I'm training to run 5ks, and I registered for my local Race for the Cure in October! I'm doing the Couch25k program and this week it's gotten harder, but after I'm done with each run I feel so much better.
    Even if I feel like I'm dying during the run, I keep pushing myself to finish because I know I can.

    carelessly graceful

  2. Hi Lauren
    Your blog is great and has some very interesting info. I stretch for one hour daily and then either walk or bike ride. This has been a total commitment. I continue with this routine because I feel so much better as a result of the stretching.

  3. Thanks for your comment... I want to run a 5k too someday! Good luck with your race, definitely good advice :)

  4. Thanks for your comment, Joyce! Definitely sounds like a great routine... I know I need to start stretching more as well.


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