Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Organic Skin Care

Did you know that your skin absorbs 64% of what you put on it? *According to Juice Beauty

Scary to think about it absorbing all the chemicals in makeup, lotions, face wash, shower gel, shave cream, etc. How many products do you use in a day? I'm guessing if you're a girly girl like me... A LOT.

Lately, I've been getting more interested in eating healthier, exercising more and getting rid of chemicals that we put in and on our bodies every day. Some people argue that it isn't enough to get us sick, but I don't think it can hurt to try to limit the "bad stuff" we put on our skin.

So I've been looking into organic products. You have to be extra careful because some products claim to be natural and organic, but in reality, aren't. So likely you're paying more for these so-called organic products and they are just as bad as what you were already buying!

When looking for organic products, make sure it has a "certified organic" seal. If the product only uses words like "natural" or is called "Organix", check the labels. Chances are it still has lots of chemicals in it.

Google or surf Pinterest for DIY beauty recipes. For example, you can make a great scrub using only a few ingredients from your pantry!

For now I have switched to Juicy Beauty, a certified organic brand, for my facial routine and shampoo/conditioner. I hope to eventually find a great organic soap, lotion, makeup and even deodorant brand. Deodorant seems to be the hardest since I do not want to be all sweaty and smelly! I've tried some of Bubble and Bee's organic products before, even one of their deodorants, but I decided to take the plunge and try their sample pack of their new cream deodorants.

I previously tried their "Pit Putty" which I did not like because it was crumbly and hard to apply. The cream deodorants come in little jars and you simply spread them on and let them dry a bit under your arms. I've been using them for a few days and I do actually like them. I've found that they smell amazing and I don't get BO. However, since you can't find organic antiperspirants because the bad chemicals are what stop you from sweating, I did feel a bit sweaty throughout the day. I think I will still keep an antiperspirant around for times when I will have a tendency to sweat more and don't want sweat stains.

Still working on organic makeup and other personal care items such as lotion, but I hope one day to use all organic products to keep my skin and health safe. Don't think it will cost a fortune either! The new shampoo and condition I bought was only $9 each... a little pricier than a cheap brand but cheaper than a fancy brand. The bottles were quite large too and should last a while.

What do you think about organic skin care and makeup?

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