Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Week's Workouts

Lately I have been pretty motivated and I want to keep that momentum going. That is why I am going to share my workouts with you each week! Encouragement would be amazing! :) I think I will share them on Mondays, I am sharing today because I already had a post ready for yesterday.

Monday 8/27: Ran/walked 2 miles. I jogged the entire first mile then switched between walking and jogging for the second mile. I also did some ab exercises.

Tuesday 8/28: Played tennis with a friend for about an hour.

Wednesday 8/29: Ran/walked 1.8 miles. Mostly jogged!

Thursday 8/30: Day off.

Friday 8/31: Did yoga for an hour and swam for about 45 minutes.

Saturday 9/1: Ran walked/ 1.8 miles. Mostly jogged again! I try to always stretch before and after running and Saturday I did really good with this.

Sunday 9/2: Day off.

Monday 9/3: Ran 2 miles (walked off and on) then jumped in my neighbor's pool!

My goals are to do yoga at least once a week and hopefully start doing it twice a week (as long as my paycheck allows ;), run at least 3x a week and do some other type of activity like tennis, bike riding, rollerblading or even Just Dance on my Wii. :)

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