Sunday, November 4, 2012

The No Junk Food Challenge

Anyone else have a enormous sweet tooth? I sure do! It has been especially active since Halloween when there are goodies and treats everywhere, not to mention I've been baking a ton for various occasions. So I decided I need to give myself a challenge!

I found this on Pinterest (of course) and though it was interesting and very challenging. The only adjustments I will make is using peanut butter. I don't eat it very often, but I don't think it is that unhealthy especially since I eat it with apples or whole wheat bread. Also, if I start today this challenge won't be over on Thanksgiving and I plan to let myself indulge on that day. Lastly, I will probably allow myself sugar free frozen yogurt or Starbucks as a treat if I don't go overboard. If I find myself getting both too much, I will stop for the rest of the challenge. 

November 4-November 26 (excluding Thanksgiving)

What will be the hardest? Definitely chocolate and cookies!

The easiest? I don't normally eat fast food, chips, white bread, pastries, donuts or ice cream.

Who is joining me?!

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  1. I will accept the challenge! Good luck to us both.


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