Monday, November 12, 2012

This Week's Workouts 11/5-11/11

Monday 11/5: I ran outside for about 2.3 miles and did some ab/arm workouts.

Tuesday 11/6: Did 22 minutes of Jillian Michael's 6 Week to Six Packs DVD. My DVD player screwed up before I could finish so I just finished off with some crunches and sit-ups.

Wednesday 11/7: Ran 2.3 miles outside again and did some ab workouts.

Thursday 11/8: Took a Zumba class at my gym for one hour. Fun!

Friday 11/9: Took a yoga class at my gym for one hour. Lots of good stretching.

Saturday 11/10: Went for a run outside for about 3.1 miles. I also did some crunches, reverse crunches, sit ups, plank and some exercises with small weights.

Sunday 11/11: Day off!

How did you do this week? Share your workouts with me!

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