Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Can't Enjoy This Sunset Because I'm Too Busy Trying to Take a Photo...

I recently saw this quote online: "I can't enjoy this sunset because I am too busy trying to take a great picture of it to put on Facebook".

I think of this often in my generation. We are so connected and have our lives so intertwined with social media and acceptance that this line becomes a blur.

I've gone to concerts and desperately tried to take a good photo or video. Will I look at these photos or videos again after uploading them to Facebook? Will other people take the time to watch the whole video or view all of the blurry photos? Most likely, no.

So why do we reject the real world because we are trying to put it in our digital one? Why are we so obsessed with preserving our memories digitally that we don't actually enjoy making these memories?

We crave approval from others and the digital medium makes it very easy to want and get approval. Don't you feel happier when you get comments or likes on things you share on Facebook? Do you ever get disappointed when no one comments or likes your newest photo? This doesn't make the photo any less beautiful or the status any less clever, but you feel that way.

So I am trying to take a step back and enjoy the moments I have and remember I don't need to preserve everything. My brain will do that for me. It is very nice to look back at Facebook photos and remember certain things from birthday parties or events, but it is also nice to talk with friends and be nostalgic about the same events.

The next time you are enjoying a concert or a sunset or anything... remember that you don't need to struggle to capture it. Simply sit and enjoy it and be in the moment. Remember that your digital life isn't everything; your real life is.

What do you think about this topic?

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  1. Our generation is very much plugged in. I sometimes think to myself too why am I trying to take a picture of this instead of just living in the moment.


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