Friday, October 12, 2012

What's New?

I've been relatively quite on the blog here lately. You've seen my workouts though! Is anyone inspired or motivated by my weekly workout postings? It is definitely helping me to be accountable for my health. I feel guilty when I skip out on workouts because I know I have to confess to all of you! I have been thinking of tracking my eating too because I know I still need to eat a lot healthier...

So what else is new with me? If anyone cares... ;)

My running has been going well. I've been wanting to run a 5K for a while now and I am finally feeling like I might be ready soon to run one. I am definitely going to keep training and then see what comes up. I am nervous to run one in the cold weather though, but I am not sure I want to wait until spring.

I'm taking an online class. Nothing to do with my work, but just for my own interests. You can tell lately I've been more interested in health, fitness and wellness so I decided to take an online Wellness Certification program. It has been going well, just something that I work on in my free time. I'm enjoying learning more about holistic wellness.

I am also about to start volunteering for the Michigan Humane Society. I've always loved animals, especially dogs and just felt like I should be giving back to my community. What better way to volunteer than with dogs? I'll be starting this week as a dog walker and hopefully it goes well!

My work has been going pretty well. Sure, there are days when I am stressed, when my clients are late with my checks and I feel like giving up. But I absolutely love working at home and have been working 30-40 hours a week! I am proud that I have been able to continue to freelance and increase my hours.

Things with the boy are great! Unfortunately we haven't been able to see each other as much lately because he has class and work, but we just figured out our Halloween costumes. Drum roll please... I am going to be a leopard and he is my zookeeper! :) I promise pictures to come!

So what is new with YOU? Tell me! :)

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