Friday, July 29, 2011

What If?

When I was a kid I remember asking "what if..." a million times until my mom finally said "what if you stop asking what if." Oops.

Now I still do the same, except it is all in my head. What if my life were like this or that? I don't really want to divulge into all the things I think "what if" about, but I wish I could stop sometimes.

Thinking "what if" definitely can help you move in the right direction in your life, but it can be very uncomfortable to think about. Often I wish these thoughts would just go away instead of stew in my head.

Does anyone do the same thing? What if I had saved more money? What if I never did that? What if I was doing something else?

Any tips on how to deal with this? I'd love to hear everyone's comments on this subject!

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