Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All About Life-Saving Operation Smile + Textbook Coupon Code GIVEAWAY!

What if you were unable to smile, eat, or talk? More than 200,000 children a year have a severe cleft condition that hinders their abilities to do normal things other kids do.

I found out about a great charity called Operation Smile that helps kids get back their basic rights to eat, talk, smile, and socialize and give them the surgeries they desperately need but can't get otherwise.

Operation Smile adheres to six principles in their work to save kids all around the world: "we reach the unreachable, we work from the heart, we apply Global Standards of Care, we build self-sufficiency worldwide, we lead the way, and we continually educate and train".

If this is a cause you care about, you can donate today. Any amount helps kids get better and Operation Smile lead the way! Most cleft surgeries cost $240.00, so if you'd like to get a kid a surgery, aim for that amount.

If you have any more questions about cleft conditions/surgeries or Operation Smile, check out their FAQ's.

Now for a giveaway!

Operation Smile is partnered with Campus Book Rentals, who is offering a giveaway to my wonderful readers! This one is for college kids - the winner will receive a coupon code to receive 50% off their textbooks for one semester from Campus Book Rentals! This is an amazing win for college students, so tell your friends what they could win.

To enter to win:

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  1. I need 50% of textbooks because I am unemployed, as is my mother who is my only source of financial assistance other than loans, which don't really cover books and supplies for school. I'm kind of worried about how I'm even going to cover the cost of textbooks at all next month. I would LOVE to have this!!


  2. Following you on twitter! @ellaanachronism

  3. The foundation has already helped a lot of unfortunate children who needs cleft operation. They need more support to continue assisting these kids.


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