Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Weekend Recap!

Friday, I got to head to a local town for a Stars and Stripes festival with my boyfriend's family. We ate at a great restaurant and discovered all about feather bowling, which is now on my list of things to try. Definitely still confused since I didn't see any feathers. :P I got an airbrush tattoo with Kev's cousins and we all rode on the Ferris Wheel (second time in my life...I should probably get out more, ha!). His cousin got very upset that he couldn't win a Jamaican banana toy. We saw monkeys riding dogs - banana racing as they call it. Weird, weird, weird.

Then, I had a great 22nd birthday! I have the tendency to focus on the negative at times and get upset that friends couldn't come to my party, the selfish notion I didn't get the presents I wished for, or any other stupid and petty thought that comes to my head. But lately I've been reading "The Happiness Project" and while I don't really agree with everything the author writes, a lot of it puts life in perspective.

So I'm trying to be more positive and ignore those nagging, pessimistic thoughts that often creep their way into my brain. Easier said than done (especially when I live with my parents because unfortunately that's where I get my sensitivity and pessimism from at times).

So being more positive definitely made my birthday 100x better. I focused on all the wonderful friends that came out to celebrate my birthday with me. On the fact that my family comes together and still gives me presents at 22-years-old. That I am happy and healthy and have time to swim all weekend.

My amazing boyfriend got me tickets for a Tiger's game (for me and a lovely date... I teased him by saying "Oh who should I bring?" but of course I want to go with him!) and I now have way too much candy stashed in my desk from various people. On my actual birthday, I got a free cupcake (I ate two that day... oops!) and went out that night to a local bar/restaurant to celebrate with friends - lots of fun!!!

Sunday, my family came over for a nice BBQ...burgers, hot dogs, cake, sparklers, and all! The perfect topping off to the weekend was tanning and swimming two days in a row.

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July - don't forget to thank your military that keeps our country free!

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