Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dreaded Textbook Problem

I started this blog when I was in college and I bet a lot of my readers are still chugging along with their school work. Honestly one of the most frustrating things about college were the dreaded textbooks. They cost a ton of money, were heavy, often I barely used them, and then I didn't get any money back for them!

Waiting in that line to have the college buy back your books and having them say they no longer use that edition and "Oh, we can give you $1.00 for this book you paid $50 for!" Ugh!

Luckily there are websites like Valorebooks, that sell used books for a good price and offer rentals and sell back programs. Click here to buy used college textbooks (or better yet - rent 'em!)

Now tell me, what is the most frustrating part of college? Do you agree with the textbook problem? How do you buy or rent your textbooks?


  1. I'm sure I'll be dealing with this when I start in college one year from now, haha... ugh, not looking forward to that.

  2. The best advice I can give is to wait until you start the class to buy books. Freshman year, I would make sure to buy all the books they said I needed before class - then end up not using half of them! If you wait to see which ones you'll really use in class or need for studying, it can save a lot of money.


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