Thursday, March 26, 2009

You're My Best Friend and I Love You

While interviewing my grandparents today on their marriage for a class project, I loved their answer to this question. I think they are right about a lot of people these days, they get married for every other reason besides true love and then just have an easy way out with divorce. 

While most of us reading this blog are definitely too young to get married, you can easily change the view to relationships. There are countless movies on this... the boy you always considered your best friend and then one day you realize he is the one. He's the one because he's your best friend. Love comes in many forms, a mother's touch, a friend's crying shoulder, or a passionate love affair. The most rare and the most special in my opinion is if you are lucky enough to fall in love with your best friend. This is the love that changes your life, changes your heart, and can open up your mind to the greatest things in life. All because someone smiles at you that way and understands everything about you. Someone you have tons in common with but enough difference to make things interesting. That connection is something to be cherished and I think the people lucky enough to find it should never take it for granted.

What do you think about love and marriage and divorce these days?

I'll leave you with a song by Weezer that goes along with this blog. :)


  1. I've been married to the same wonderful woman since 1991. Getting married to her and adopting my boys are the two best things I've ever done. It hasn't always been easy and I'm sure she'd tell you the same. Early on, the reality of our relationship didn't match our expectations. I'm sure that's true in a lot of relationships. We got good at being married to each other. I don't think a happy marriage is about you finding the right person. I think it is about you being (or becoming) the right person.

  2. I really like that Bob. I love your family, no matter how kooky you guys get. :P

  3. I definately like the responses your grandparents made. These days couples are not taking as much time to get to know and fall in love with their spouse before getting married. It is sad because they end up having kids, and realize they are not right for each other, and the children have to suffer in the divorce. Decisions like getting married and having children should not be made rash, and should come with a lot of true thinking about if that is what you really want.

    That video also made me miss your grandparents, AKA my secondary grandparents :o)

  4. Hey Tiff, yeah I was really inspired by what they said. I have several videos for my story. And I will have to tell them you said hello next time I see them! :)

    And I def. agree with you!

  5. This reminds me that this weekend is the 10th anniversary of my first date with Melinda. We were married 7 months later. I had been single for four years and had all but given up on finding a person to spend the rest of my life with but Myers Briggs, and a purposeful, persistent future wife conspired to change that. I had no idea at the time but she had conducted a planned search for the right person and I just happened to be that lucky guy. Our marriage is not hard work or any kind of work at all. This seems to elicit a good deal of eye rolling from some of our friends but I would recommend her method to anyone, especially introverts who like to write.

  6. Thanks for commenting Mike!
    And happy anniversary. :)


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