Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I'm Lovin' Today!

One word:

So ever since I discovered this website by looking at what the people in my class were doing on the computers before we actually started class... I've been hooked. I was first intrigued by the name, College Candy? And the trademark kiss. 

And when I started looking I loved it more. Specifically for the college girl, it gives articles and tips on boys, fashion, beauty, pop culture... pretty much anything your average college girl wants to hear about or wants to know more on. I really like the "Candy Dish" which features links to random news that's going on that day. Another reason I love it... most articles are funny. Being a girl addicted to the latest Judd Apatow film, I can't get enough humor in my life! Especially if it throws in a few hints on how to unlock the male psyche. ;)

Another big plus, I threw them a comment and the actual managing editor e-mailed me back within about a half an hour. Sweet!

And fingers crossed, I might be featured on there for a college blogger shout-out! So keep lookin' for me... :)


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