Friday, March 27, 2009

Be a Child at Heart

Remember when you were a little kid and another kid in your class came up to you and asked if you could be best friends? You said yes and bam, you were friends. You played tag with everyone in your class (except that kid that smelled) and always seemed to talk to some new kid everywhere you went, not even bothering to ask their name. 

I remembered this feeling when I took the girl I babysit for to the local Elementary School playground. Naturally, it was a nice day so all the kids piled outside... giving me funny looks I might add... but all playing together regardless. The girl I babysit for began just playing with the kids regardless that she was a lot smaller than them and obviously younger and I was so happy to see how several little girls would help her get down the slide and were smiling with joy. 

It just reminded me that we should never lose that. The capacity to make new friends with anyone so quickly... regardless of skin color, accent, clothes, whatever. And the ability to help others with a smile on your face and have fun doing so. Never be too snobby, too shy, or too busy to lend a helping hand to someone and don't be quick to judge someone. They might be a great new friend.

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