Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once in a Lifetime Friendship

Friendship. Some friends come in to our lives for a short time, like that friend that you met in Biology class and helped to make that awful class somewhat enjoyable and you haven't talked to them since. Or the friend that you loved to hang out with in high school and now rarely see during college years. Then there are friends we hold on to, we still keep in touch even if they are far away or the friends we may see every day or every week. We laugh with these friends, maybe cry, learn life lessons with, and can talk about just about anything with. And then... there are the friends that are more like sisters. Maybe you grew up together, hung out every day, shared countless secrets, had many pointless fights, but all in all have shared millions of laughs and tears. Some of your fondest memories come from being with this friend. Mine is Tiffany. We became friends in Elementary school and I remember her being the slightly popular, definitely more outgoing girl who befriended me, a shy, goofy kid. I remember her jokes at recess, especially during a cold winter month... "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Lettuce." "Lettuce who?" "Lettuce in please, it's cold out here!" I remember pretending we were runaway girls riding the train that was my swing-set and grinding stones to pretend we were Indians making supper. I remember moving on to middle school.... notes during class, sleepovers, pranks, stupid fights that never lasted more than a day, crushes, and simply trying to survive together our awkward middle school years. When high school came, a big change was ahead of us. Tiffany was moving. I remember riding my bike past her house after she had left it, tears streaming down my face, wondering what I would do without my constant companion who lived just several blocks over. Looking back, I see the reason this change had for us. For me, it caused me to get out of my shell a bit more and stand on my own two feet. I made many friends I wonder if I would have made if she had always been with me. I see how different we were at times and how annoyed we got with each other and know that perhaps if we had stayed in the same vicinity, things might have turned out different and for the worst. By being apart, we grew up. We stayed close. With high school behind us, college in the works, and having not lived in the same city since we were 14... I still consider her my sister. If we still can say these wonderful things now and have an incredible time when we do get to see each other, I know it is a bond that will last through anything. I hope to one day live near each other again and I believe at some point we will. Maybe it won't be until we graduate college, or have settled down and our kids play together, or when we have grown gray with age. But someday... I'll be able to walk down the street and see my bffaeitwww. :)

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