Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Goal Begins

Upon hearing that I didn't get the internship I applied for for the summer a few thoughts immediately rushed into my head.

Wow, a really generic rejection e-mail? Really?
My aunt works there... what a smack.
I was banking on making all that money for the summer to save up for the fall! What am I going to do now?

Thank God those feelings passed quickly. I am definitely glad to be feeling upbeat for the most part on this whole situation and I guess that tells me I didn't want it badly enough in the first place. I began thinking of more time spent with friends, summer classes to be taken, and just in general not working my butt off all summer. I am definitely not into working at Organize-It much longer (Sorry guys!) so I am going to start applying at places and this leads me to this entry.

I am officially starting my goal of only shopping for things I need and not buying things frivolously and managing my money better. It starts at a good time as my credit union is changing and I have to activate a new debit card tomorrow. New card, fresh start. 

To keep track, I'm gonna write on here all the things I spend. Having to write it all down for people to read will definitely help me. I still have to buy food and I definitely don't want to give up going to the movies with friends and what not... I still will have to buy certain things (shampoo, vitamins... you get the idea) but I will definitely try not to just go out and buy that new purse I am eyeing or anything like that.

Wish me luck! (And don't invite me to go shopping ;)

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