Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In reply to my last post...

This got me thinking of all the nicknames my dog has received over the years from me and my father. Warning: we are weirdos but some might find these amusing. Perhaps you've heard them.

Hannah = 
Hannah Banana
Hannius Bananius
Silly Goose
Silly Banana
Hannie Bananie
Baby Dog/Baby Girl

I'm pretty sure the list goes on but that's all I could think of at the moment.

My dad and I also named some of her toys. Patti Platypus, Blackie, etc. I'm convinced I am the spawn of nutcases. Oh well. On another note, I decided I am the queen of BSing. 100% on a history paper which was a book review on a book I didn't read. Score!

Have a great day, faithful readers. ;)


  1. I definately have heard most of those nicknames. Hannah definately gave both you and I some great laughs through out the years... Especially when you first got her. The ones I am most fond of are; The time we stood on the chair and antagonized her with that fluffy pen,her growling and getting all pissy when I tried to sleep in her spot on your bed, or the day you sprayed the air freshner and made her sneeze like crazy! She's a faithful ol' dog :)

  2. Oh man, those are definitely some of my favorite memories too! She sneezes so much its so funny! I remember crying in 5th grade at school because I wanted to go home and I missed my dog, haha.

  3. lol...i named the cat toys as well...they have first and last names:)

  4. Haha Erika, we are too cool :)


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