Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can Technology Bring out the Worst in Us?

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As much as I love technology, sometimes I hate what it brings out of us. Perhaps this is only true for young people, but computers and cell phones bring up a whole new world of immaturity and hate. Isn't it easier, using programs such as AIM and Facebook to brew up conflict and "yell" at someone? To say hurtful or shameful things than to show that emotion face to face or even using the telephone? Because even talking to someone and not seeing their face, you can hear their voice, hear their emotions... on the computer, it is basically lifeless. You don't see the person, you don't hear them, you only see their words. 

On the other hand, sometimes you can careful write out how you feel without jumping to irrational conclusions if you were face to face, but often would such problems even arise if you weren't hiding behind a computer interface?

My generation is a generation reliant on such technologies. As many times as Facebook annoys me, I can't get rid of it because it connects me to people I don't see often. As many "fights" that I have had on AIM instead of sorted out face to face, it makes me a little sick... but it also helps me stay in touch when I don't feel like chatting on the phone. Because let's face it, isn't it easier to talk about awkward topics or say exactly how you feel when you aren't staring the other person down? I feel as though myself and countless others are setting ourselves up to a world of not being able to deal with conflicts properly. Writing immature Facebook statuses instead of having the guts to talk to someone... is this what the world has come to?

I always wonder what we should do. How things would be different in my life without AIM and Facebook and etc. Some great things come out of these programs and some not so great. So what do we do? Take the good with the bad... learn as we go... I surely am out of ideas and certainly sick of "technology drama".

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