Thursday, April 23, 2009

"But my favorite show is on."

The Amazing Race.
The Hills.
America's Next Top Model.
Real World/The Duel, whichever is on at the time.

That would be a list of shows I have to watch each week at the moment and it generally changes when shows go on hiatus and come back... etc. But nonetheless, that is around the number of TV shows I watch, not to mention random television gems I tune into when I'm bored or just feel that need to turn it on. I have written a lot about Internet addiction and not much about television but I am starting to think it can be just as bad. I watch my dad pretty much constantly watch TV anytime he is home from work and not doing any outside work. Sadly, I think growing up in a household where we eat in front of the television and where television is our common interest in which to spend time together has caused a problem for me. It pretty much hit me last night when my boyfriend admitted that he "sometimes feels like I pay more attention to my TV shows than to him". I can't even begin to describe how bad I felt hearing that. And yet, I can't even being to dispute it.

I definitely feel right now a love/hate relationship with the TV and my favorite shows. So much hate for making me addicted to find out what happens next week and causing me to tune in, even when I should be spending time with the people I love. Hate because when I really look at it... how many hours of my life am I wasting? Is it really that terrible if I miss one week because I am off doing something better with my time? Do I really care what happens to these fictional or "reality" characters? With the Internet allowing you to watch pretty much any show online, anytime, with less commercials... shouldn't I just wait for a time when I have nothing better to do besides catch up on my favorite shows by myself? I think that sounds like the answer.

Yet, there is still some love. Sometimes TV does allow me to spend quality time with someone over a common interest. My mom loves "The Amazing Race" so I usually watch it with her on Sunday nights and it gives us something to talk and laugh about. I go to my neighbor's house to watch some Comedy Central to spend time with them as well and I love doing it. Plus, it is definitely a good relaxation method. Sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything other than chillin' on the couch watching one of your favorite shows. I think everyone needs that time every once in a while.

So, as summer quickly approaches I am very happy to have the chance to go outside and turn off my TV. I am accepting that missing my favorite shows is in fact, not the end of the world, and I am going to try much harder to start really living life. 


  1. The DVR has definitely been a TV enabler in our house. But at least we can watch our shows together. I also feel better when I knit as I watch...makes me feel more productive:)

  2. If only I could learn to knit... haha.


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