Saturday, October 22, 2011

RIP Buddy the Rat

Lately, my rat, Buddy has been pretty sick. I found out that rats from pet stores only live about 2 years and I realized I have had him for 2 years, so I wasn't completely sure how much older he was. All of a sudden, his playful self just seemed very old and we knew there wasn't much time left.

Many people thought I was crazy for wanting, much less owning a pet rat but they are amazing pets. Unfortunately I don't think I will get another one because they give me hives. Buddy was smart (I wish I had the time to teach him more tricks!), very loving (he would lick my fingers up and down with his cute little tongue), really cute, funny, and all around a great pet.

I am happy now that he can run and play in rat heaven and meet some new friends. I'll miss you Buddy. <3

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  1. I've had 3 pet rats before. I hate it when people stereotype them so negatively , rats are lovely pets to have, there more loyal than cats and dogs I'd say. And they sit on your shoulder so you can carry them around. I miss my pet rats X)

  2. Aww I totally agree. I used to carry Buddy on my shoulder too. :)


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