Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Celebrate Pinktober - But Don't Forget....

Yep, it is October and now that means it is Pinktober or Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink seems to be everywhere, even on football players. While I personally don't know anyone who suffered from breast cancer, I do know and remember people who suffer/ed from other types of cancer. I think it is important to recognize people who are suffering or have suffered or even died from other forms of cancer that aren't publicized as heavily.

After seeing this secret on Postsecret, it definitely made me think about different forms of cancer and illness that people may not even think about unless it happens to them or someone close to them.

So this month, don't only rock your pink gear and donate towards the cure to breast cancer, do some research, donate or even just unlock more awareness to other types of cancer. A start is to go check out the new movie, 50/50 about a twenty something battling spinal cancer.

Please share with me any thoughts you have on cancer. Feel free to leave prayers or remembrances as well.


  1. I totally agree! My nephew passed away a little more than 15 months ago from Leukemia. He was 12. I would love to see more yellow flags flying for child cancer as well.

  2. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, our Color is makes me so sad and confused as to why it seems to be ignored. Childhood cancers kill more kids every year than pediatric aids, cyxtic fibrosis and diabetes COMBINED! Help us spread awareness because awarenss = better treatment and a CURE. Remember...KIDS GET CANCER TOO.
    Thank you,
    Mom of a brave Cancer warrior, he is deeply missed and truly loved.

  3. I'm so sorry for both of your losses! It is a very tough thing to think about. Hopefully we can all get the awareness up for other types of cancers! Best wishes. xoxo


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