Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do You Wear Glasses? Coupon Codes for you to buy them!

Since the summer before third grade, I've been wearing glasses. The summer before tenth grade, my parents finally let me get contacts. When I tell you my vision is bad, it is really bad. Without prescription eyeglasses or contacts, I am basically blind.

I remember struggling a lot before I was able to get contacts while doing normal kid things, like swimming or playing sports. When swimming in gym for school, I couldn't see a thing the teacher was trying to explain and it was all I could do not to bump into the other kids! I wasn't exactly a fantastic sports player either and I can count on both hands the times I had to get my glasses adjusted because I got hit in the face with a ball (ha!).

Lately, since I'm a "big kid" now, I have to pay for my own eye exam, glasses, and contacts. That's a lot of money, especially for someone with a high prescription! Luckily there are sites out there that offer lower prices on glasses.

Today I want to hear from all of my eyeglasses wearers! I have some great discount coupon codes for you from!

Fall Sale:
Buy any 2 pairs of glasses and get all 3 protective lens coatings AND U.S. shipping for FREE. Code: PERFECTPAIR

Buy one pair of glasses and get any other pair for FREE! Use code: BOGOUSA
Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10

I really hope I can help some of you order glasses without breaking the bank! Simply go to, find some frames or lenses you love and use the coupon codes (above) when you check out. Then share with me the cool glasses you got if you'd like! You can also share your experience on their Facebook or Twitter.


  1. This is going to sound so silly, but I ALWAYS wished I needed glasses. I still do, actually. They're so cute! And everyone in my family, including my boyfriend wears them. I feel dumb for not liking my 20/20 vision... sigh!

  2. You should get some without prescription lenses if you want them. Glasses can be cute. :) Personally I wish I had 20/20 vision though... let's trade. ;)

  3. I love to wear glasses, I have 2 of them actually. Thanks.


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