Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post: 5 Steps for a Wedgie free Dating Experience

If you crave a relationship, but don’t necessarily want your love match hanging around like yesterday’s underwear between your cheeks; read on. It is possible to actually have a normal down to earth date without talking about marriage on the very first outing.  Stage five clingers like to constantly message prospective dates by calling and texting immediately after a date.  They may show up at your door at 6 am to bring you breakfast or just wait for you to get off work in the parking lot.  Whether you have met this person on an online dating site or on a blind date, there is quite a fine line between being a stage five clinger and an all-out stalker. Here are some steps that you can employ to avoid a stage five clinger and save your sanity during the whole dating process.    

Gather your wingmen-If you find that a prospective date or certain someone wants to be with you every waking minute or just happens to bump into you at convenient times, gather some friends to go on every single date with them and they’ll get the message fast.  This is of course if don’t have the heart to just come out directly and tell them that your not  interested and you would like a little room to breathe.

Setting Boundaries and Drawing Lines in the Sand-Clingers seem to typically use the old “we can just be friends” line to move in on a possible relationship if you give them an inkling of hope.  Be consistent in the way that you relate to them even as friends.  There is no need to respond to every text or supply them with a pity call just because you might need some company.

The Power of Boring Conversation-Don’t underestimate the powerful effect that one long boring conversation may have on a clinger.  It could buy you some time to figure out what your next move may be and possibly even put them into a trance so you can slip out the door unnoticed.

Crazy is as Crazy Does-Do your best to be kind if you decide to end the date early and don’t badmouth a person to your friends.  You never know when it might backfire and come around to bite you in the future. Your social circle may be closer to a clinger than you think, who decides to damage your reputation or taint your next possible love interest.  Finally, if the person is not being realistic about the so called relationship, then end it on a nice note and send them on their way to find someone who will have more in common with their crazy personality. 

Concealment 101-Dating is not rocket science, but it can be likened to a tricky pair of pants that just don’t fit right no matter what you do. If all of the above tongue in cheek steps fails to work for you, you may be in need of a disguise when you’re going out in public.  Stay aware of the situation, keep your wits about you and keep trying to find the right love match.  Lastly and most importantly don’t get caught with your pants pulled over your head and a nasty wedgie that you didn’t see coming.  

Tiersa is a freelance writer and co-owner of where tips, articles and reviews are provided on the top 25 online dating sites.  She enjoys writing articles that showcase possible dating dilemmas in today's modern world. 


  1. I like how you've said that dating is not a rocket science. While dating sites like and provides options to choose from, you can never force something that does not work.

  2. It will be better if the clinger will see you with somebody else (friends, family, etc). The best will be seeing you dating another person. Showing that you are intentionally ignoring him will be felt eventually.

  3. I couldn't believe it when she actually asked "Is crazy making me drugs?"
    I knew then that things weren't right.

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