Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Stay Healthy in Cold Weather Months

Fall is here and winter is soon to follow. You know what that means...colds, flu, and infections galore! What can you do to avoid these dreaded illnesses this year? Here are some tips on staying healthy and happy even when everyone else is sick.

1. Wash your hands! Wash your hands with warm water and soap for about thirty seconds especially after using the bathroom, before eating or preparing food, touching someone or their belongings (such as using someone else's phone), after being outside or out running errands, etc.

2. While you keep your hands clean, do the same with your belongings. Regularly wipe your phone, computer and mouse, purse, and other things you touch on a regular basis with anti-bacterial wipes.

3. Stay hydrated! Drinking lots of water is one of the best health decisions you can make. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day keeps your immune system working properly, gives your skin a glow, and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

4. Get plenty of sleep. We all have busy schedules but making time for sleep is very important. Schedule your sleep like you schedule your appointments. Make sure you get at least seven hours a night and be honest if you need more! If you feel yourself getting sick, make sure to get more sleep.

5. Take your vitamins. Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin D and Vitamin E are great for your immune system. Take a multivitamin every day and add other vitamins based on your needs. You Are What You Eat by Gillian McKeith is a great resource that tells you which vitamins you are lacking with certain health woes. Take a supplement with tons of good stuff such as Emergen-C weekly or when you are feeling under the weather for a boost!

6. Exercise! Every day I learn about more and more reasons to exercise. It boosts your immune system, keeps your weight in check, gives you happiness inducing endorphins, and much more. Even a quick walk can make you feel better.

7. Keep your choppers sparkly clean! Lots of germs and other yucky stuff comes in to infect us through your mouth. Brushing and flossing regularly and properly can fight off germs.

8. Be social! I don't know why but I keep reading on how having good social ties and hanging with friends boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. Don't make excuses to miss out on fun - it is good for you!

9. If you are feeling sick, treat yourself with great care. Make extra time for sleep, take time off work to rest, drink tea and something like Emergen-C, eat healthy food, take a gentle walk if you're up for it, and don't stress out! I've read that stress is related to about 99% of illness! Keep yourself calm by making to-do lists, meditating, doing yoga, or whatever else keeps you stress-free.

10. Lastly, try to keep away from people who are sick! In your home, change towels and clean regularly. Encourage people at work to stay home if they are ill and offer to help with their work in exchange to keeping their germs away. Be conscious about coughing and don't want someone hacking on you, so don't do it to them!

Share with me your tips on staying healthy in cold weather months!


  1. These are factual tips indeed. I always clean my hands before and after eating. Vitamin C is always at hand to supplement my body. I don't want to get colds. It makes me weak. In spite of my busy schedule, I still manage to do exercises just to help improve my blood circulation.

  2. Great tips on healthy life, Thank you for sharing a great issue on Fitness,
    Julia alrn

  3. In addition to the tips stated above, it is also good to use petroleum jelly to make your skin and lips supple and moisturized. I always have my petroleum jelly with me wherever I go to ensure that I will be able to apply it once in a while.4rx

  4. Flu is a very common illness that happens every winter or cold season. It can give you signs and symptoms such as headache, cough, colds and more. It is important to prevent illnesses during this season. You need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the time. It is a universal solvent that is proven to prevent illnesses.

  5. Be social! I don't know why but I keep reading on how having good social ties and hanging with friends boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. Don't make excuses to miss out on fun.


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