Monday, October 24, 2011

A Delicate Balance

We all know the people that care so deeply for others they drown in responsibilities and Hallmark cards and get stressed out because they don't take time for themselves. There are also people in the other extreme of being selfish and not really caring about anyone but themselves. But how do you strike the delicate balance of being a kind and caring individual but never forgetting to love and care for yourself?

Spoil yourself after a long day. Spent the day working extra hard, attending parties or events for others, etc? Once your long day is over, take time to do what you want to do. It could be simply vegging out with your favorite show and some ice cream, taking a long bath, get a mani/pedi, whatever chills you out and makes you feel relaxed!

Choose friends wisely and make them feel loved! Having tons and tons of friends can be fun, but it would be exhausting to keep up with all of them. Find some positive and amazing people to share your free time with and take the time to maintain your friendships. Call, text, make plans, give homemade gifts, and make sure your friends know you care!

Schedule your time. It can be hard to balance work, relationships, friendships, family, obligations, and not to mention time for yourself! Organize your life to keep track of work deadlines, appointments, coffee dates with friends, and even schedule things like a shopping trip to treat yourself.

Don't forget about your family. It can be easy to find time to spend with friends and forget how important seeing your family is. With everyone's busy schedules, often families get together only on holidays. Make a surprise visit to see relatives - it might just make their day!

What do you do to strike the delicate balance between caring for yourself and others?

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