Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Gel Polish at Home!

Recently, I saw in a magazine a product that allows you to use gel polish on your nails and do it yourself! I've gotten gel polish done on my nails at salons a few times and I love how it looks and how long it lasts. I just had to try it! I grabbed my friend Lauren who is obsessed with new nail trends just like me and we headed to the nearest Ulta.

I got it in Lilly Pink and my friend Lauren got it in Flame! I loved both colors. I would describe mine as a Barbie pink and hers as a red with orange undertones.

Mine didn't come out perfectly but I think next time now that I know what I'm doing a bit more it will look even better. Here's what you do:

1. Make sure you work with a newspaper or towel down. Lauren accidentally spilled the remover we bought specifically to remove gel nails and said it ate through plastic! So be extra careful!

2. Get out the activator, color, and cleaner and unscrew all of the caps so you have easy access.

3. First paint your nails on one hand with the activator and immediately after use the gel color before the activator dries. You only need a little bit! The first coat will look streaky, but no worries because you do these steps a few times.

4. Put the cleaner brush in the gel color and vice versa to make sure the color brush doesn't get clumpy.

5. Repeat these steps to paint a few coats on your nails so the color looks even and beautiful! Then move on to the next hand.

It should last for a few weeks with no chips and hopefully will be easy to remove! It cost $11.99 at Ulta.

What do you think? Will you try it?


  1. If it really lasts that long Id be tempted to pick it up. I miss having gel/arcrylic nails, haven't been able to find a tech I like out here in SF. :(


  2. It lasted about a week for me, but I wanted to take it off in order to do more of a fun Halloween themed nail design! I think its definitely worth a try though.


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