Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Minimalist Lifestyle

Lately I have been really interested in reading the blog, The Minimalists. Most of the time while surfing the web or reading articles on website, I am a skimmer. Much like that girl on the Toyota Venza commercial... "Well, I read most of the article..."

I find myself actually engaging and reading full articles from them. Perhaps it is because the minimalist lifestyle is something I wish I had, but would find extremely difficult to actually practice.

Here's the gist of these two guys, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus: they quit their six-figure corporate jobs in their late twenties to explore a life of minimalism and hopefully...happiness. They write about all things minimalism: getting rid of your "junk", finances and budgeting, turning off technology for a while, happiness, and much more.

I often get sucked into the notion of the "American Dream", which seems these days is to be rich and buy stuff. I get hooked on shopping and I obsess over things I want. I get brainwashed by advertising just the way companies want me to be. I buy things I don't need just to shop or just to have it. Sometimes it ends up being a very useful buy...more than often, it doesn't.

Yet I think the true "American Dream" is freedom and happiness. Freedom to do what you love and find happiness in life...not the material goods in life but relationships, finding your passion, etc.

So for now I am reading more into this minimalism lifestyle. While I don't hope to go to the extreme and get rid of my TV and car and everything, I do hope to stop buying useless "stuff", donate things I already have and organize things a bit more, and learn to rely on technology less.

What do you think of minimalism or The Minimalists blog?


  1. I try to live a more minimal lifestyle too sometimes. I try to buy things only when it's necessary, even though it's difficult sometimes. But wanting more all the time makes us forget what we already have. I just came across your blog and enjoy it!

  2. I'm trying to be more mindful of purchases lately and disposing some of the stuff I don't really use.

    I must admit that it helped with stress management coz now I have a lot less to clean and I have a lot more time to do other things that are more fun to me than cleaning. Cleaning stress me out!

    Anyway, I don't know where I'll end up from where I am now. But so far so good!

  3. That is really good guys! Keep me posted :)


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